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HTC M8 stopped working - help in recovering data

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Calibre500, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. Calibre500

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    Hello. It's my first time posting on here so I'm hoping there is someone on here that can help me as I'm in dilemma. I turned off my HTC M8 to charge it quicker. Once charged, turned it on and got bombarded with messages that HTC Sync, and various Google items and countless other had stopped working. I was given option to 'OK' some of them and to report some but they messages kept appearing and wouldn't end. I couldn't see any of my apps but my desktop came up ok.
    I tried safe mode but no difference. I tried to clear the cache by going into recovery but following instructions, when I get the red triangle, pressing volume up and power did nothing... so here is where I'm at.
    I had a HTC Sensation prior to this which did a factory reset and I lost all my contacts and texts and I'm worried about losing these. I've not had chance to back anything up yet either on my M8. Can anyone help me with this please??

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    Unless you have a backup somewhere i think that stuff is lost. Google was doing automatic data backups unless you intentionally turned that option off. Sign into Google.com and look around. Some of your data might be there.

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