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Htc Magic 32B locked in Splash Screen

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by eli7e, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. eli7e

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    Hello to all ,
    Yesterday my friend received a message on his Magic that proposed to update the system. He did the upgrade, but something went wrong and the phone is locked in red Vodafone splash screen.
    I was reading and trying various things, with the following results:
    adb not recognize the device, the command fastboot tells me: FAILED (remote: not allow). The same on Linux and Windows.

    By combining keys, I can access on the phone to fastboot and Android System Recovery.

    Anyone have any ideas I can try to return to normal?
    Magic data are:

    Sapphire 32B SHP S-ON G,
    HBoot 1.33.006 (SAPP 10000)
    Unlocked and no data plan.

    I read a little more and saw the error (fastboot remote: not allow) is caused by a "perfect spl" (I guess)

    And to solve this I need to create a goldcard and other things, which is impossible since adb does not recognize the magic. I'm going the right way?

    Thanks in advance !

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