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HTC magic good??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PCLEJ, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. PCLEJ

    PCLEJ Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Is the HTC magic any good?? I was thinking of getting it or the HTC tatto or Samsung Galaxy spica. Anybody have any opinions? Oh and as well anybody know the price of the HTC magic on prepay in Ireland?

    Please write back

  2. Knutfreddy

    Knutfreddy Newbie

    The Magic is the best phone i've ever used!
    Excellent camera, great screen and the on-screen keyboard is very finger friendly! The Market also makes it very customizable by adding new features, themes, widgets and much more!
    Support for Bluetooth headphones is a good thing to have, but it's somewhat buggy.
    The battery lasts for two days, even under heavy usage.
    Only let-down is that you need an adapter to get a 3.5mm jack, but you can find that for under a dollar online, or you could make your own (if you know how)!
    And of course, the phone has Android, so it can't get better!

    I highly recommend it if you are new to Android.
    I do not recommend any Android phones from Samsung though, as people seem to have problems with apps, widgets and the phone itself.
  3. PCLEJ

    PCLEJ Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Oh thanks a million!
    Yea first time android buyer... :)
    Glad you told me that about the samsung .
    Now because of that its between HTC Magic or HTC tattoo

    Thank youuuu!:)
  4. Carl C

    Carl C Extreme Android User

    The HTC Magic is awesome , I would definitely recommend it :)
  5. Frank

    Frank Member

    It is the best phone I have had. But I do not with the above comment concerning the camera. The camera is poor. But a great phone other than that.
  6. Aurvan

    Aurvan Newbie

    Technology wise the Magic is pretty close to the Hero, while the Tattoo is a bit further down the ladder due to stuff like its lower resolution. Compare all the specs, and you should see the difference.
  7. tenderghost

    tenderghost Lurker

    Tattoo look like a little bit ugly, lol
  8. PCLEJ

    PCLEJ Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Lol i no but its cheeper and i can't afford the HTC magic :(
  9. Aurvan

    Aurvan Newbie

    I actually got the HTC Magic cheaper than the Tattoo in Norway :O
  10. PCLEJ

    PCLEJ Lurker
    Thread Starter

    :eek: hahah.. but i don't live in Norway :L
  11. itsmagic

    itsmagic Newbie

    Best phone i have ever owned, I came from HTC Touch Diamond and the Magic beats it hands down :)
  12. tripaka

    tripaka Lurker

    Fantastic phone and Android is a very customizable OS and very stable too!
  13. passintime

    passintime Lurker

    The Magic is very good in a lot of ways, but has a number of issues. Mine does, anyway, running Android 1.5. Keep in mind I haven't used any other Android phones to compare with (I'd love a Droid with its hardware keyboard).

    For instance:
    1. The Android mail app (separate from the gmail app) is very poor in many ways - google for it if interested. The gmail app is pretty good but has its own issues, in particular that it (and the phone in general) cannot handle multiple email accounts.
    2. Battery life is not, in my experience, 2 days under heavy use. If you're running wifi and/or 3G (even lightly), a bit of GPS, and even low call airtime, I'd bank on charging every night. Heavy network and GPS use and you may only just make it through the day.
    3. I've found it slows considerably over time, most annoyingly in the keyboard recognition. My guess is that this is due to multiple running processes/apps and even possibly a poor user dictionary implementation. I just reset mine to the factory image (ie, wiped it) and it's back to pretty snappy performance (but still slightly laggy).
    4. I got an Android phone because I'm a developer and wanted to try developing for it, and I like open platforms, and because they're much smaller than the iPhone. I didn't want an iPhone and still don't. However the iPhone 3GS seems far more performant and a generally more pleasant experience (as long as you don't have a problem with an Apple re-education). Just a thought.
    5. If you have big hands, the larger screen and therefore keyboard on the iPhone is a bit easier to use.
    6. The Bluetooth implementation is broken.


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