Help HTC magic -root, unlock whatever....


hi guys,
i am new here and i am a liitle noob on andoid phones (iphone user until now :D). I get an Htc magic from a friend. I have some questions for the phone and i would be grateful if someone can help me.

1) is there any way to remove the vodafone logos and the vodafone icon from the startup screen and the menu?

2) rooting the phone means that i am able to use free my phone? (is this similar with jailbreaking for iphones?)

3) is there any way to change the imei of my device? i want the last numbers to be my birthdays date in order my phone to be unique.
is this possible?

thanks in advance for any help and i am sorry if i disturb you with my questions.


Carl C

Extreme Android User
Hi Kikintzo & Welcome to the Forums! :D

1) Yes you can and it requires ROOTing

2) Yes it is the Equivalent , It allows "superuser" access

3) Not so sure about this one

Carl :)