HTC MyTouch 3G -- worth the $125?

I need to get my wife a cheap Android phone to replace her ancient Nokia dumbphone on T-Mobile. The HTC MyTouch 3G is selling for really cheap on amazon, but is it cheap for a reason?

I'm seeing prices all over the map for "new" Mytouch 3G's, depending on the color, apparently: $125, $140, $160, and $200.

Why such a large range of prices, and what's wrong with this device that it would sell for bargain basement prices?

I've learned over the years that you get what you pay for. I have a sinking feeling that we're going to have to spend about $300 to get a quality handset. Problem is, she tends to drop or lose phones really often, so would rather not invest too much up front.

I notice new Nexus Ones are going for $270-$300 on ebay and amazon.

I have a Nexus One, myself. Plan B is to get myself a Nexus Prime or whatever the next state of the art Android handset will be in a few months, and bequeath the venerable but still mighty N1 to her.

Any thoughts?


hey, i recently got this phone too. depending what applications it will be used for. if you need for heavy use, it doesnt has as much memory as the newer ones. (if you dont root and all that junk, you can speed stuff up) its also not as fast. it is the older generation too... that was my mistake, i use it a lot for pdfs and games, so its not the best for that. if u dont mind speed/memory, but just functionality, this is a nice one. oh, just a word of advise. dont install the new 2.2 looks great but it slowed my phone down so much...the hardware isn't compatible with the latest software...least from what i heard, also killed my battery fast.

this is my first android phone so i cant really say much other than that, if you have questions just ask :)