HTC Mytouch or LG Mytouch?

Trying to decide between the two of them. Through Cartoys i can get the HTC for free after rebate, or through Tmo I can get the LG for $30 after rebate. Not sure which way to go. They both seem like good phones. Not sure if i like the "ease of use" thing for the LG. It sounds dumb, but i just dont want it to be Android-lite or "Android for Dummies".

Coming in a close 3rd is the Samsung Galaxy S 4G. Not sure how i feel about this one but itd be $30 as well.

Whats the best phone for web browsing, streaming music and apps?
Please choose the HTC. I had the the HTC and it was stolen, i ended up with the LG and I really hate it. Android for dummies is exactly what it is. I plan on payin retail for the HTC and give my son the the LG. Good Luck