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HTC ONE accessories (discussion, user reviews)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by digital83, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Numbchux

    Numbchux Lurker

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  2. kct1975

    kct1975 Android Expert

    Probably a dumb question, but does anyone think that the HTC M8 will have the same body dimensions as the HTC M7?
  3. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    No. I think it will be slightly longer, for one thing.
  4. rottonj

    rottonj Well-Known Member

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  5. RobGee89

    RobGee89 Newbie

    hey guys is there a way to press and hold the button on the earphones that come with this phone to do more than just call some one? im hoping to control the music player like skip track or choose artist/album/playlist is this possible?
  6. marctronixx


    ASSuming you have the stock phones that come with the htc one (im speaking about the ones that come with the sprint version), you can play and pause but not much else, i do not see any way to control album artist info from these basic stock phones.

    its recommended to get aftermarket phones. these htc ones are nice:

    HTC Stereo Headphones Specs and Reviews | HTC Additional Support
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  7. radiocycle

    radiocycle Newbie

  8. marctronixx


  9. rottonj

    rottonj Well-Known Member

    I have the Otterbox commuter and I an thinking of getting the defender series case now. Are the speakers covered on the defender? Does this effect the sound coming from them if so?. Thanks in advance for the replies.
  10. gabbyevs

    gabbyevs Android Enthusiast

  11. rottonj

    rottonj Well-Known Member

    Thank you, I could not find a good close up of the screen protector used on the Defender. Much appreciated. Ordered today online at AT&T for $5.00 free shipping. If you order 2 you get 10% off as well.
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  12. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    I love my Defender. When the built-in screen protector got too bad, I took it out and just went with a regular one. :p :)
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  13. rottonj

    rottonj Well-Known Member

    Got this in yesterday, great deal for 5 bucks. The lines are a little softer/rounder than my Otterbox commuter, but I like the fact it seems much less slippery in hand now. I can see this screen protector going south at some point, and I will just add one in as you did when that happens.
  14. alexander2020

    alexander2020 Newbie

    I had been trying to find a good screen protector for my HTC. Had a preety bad time goggling frantically in the internet. But my search was over when someone recommended me a screen protector from Gearmaxx. It was really an ideal one for me. Try it and feel the difference.
  15. shauny13

    shauny13 Android Expert

    anybody recommend some inline remote adapter/ headphones? Not ear buds as i can never get them to stay in. UK only please.
  16. dart4605

    dart4605 Newbie

    My HTC One (M7) won't pair with this keyboard. It tries, but every time I enter the six digit code on the keyboard, it fails. I took the first one back and exchanged it. The second one does the same thing.

    Does anyone know how to make this work?
  17. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    Bring the phone and keyboard back to the store. Ask them to pair them or replace the keyboard (again) and pair the new one. (It's difficult and expensive to get a loyal customer - it's simple to lose one. Most businesspeople know that, so they'll try to make you feel good about dealing with them. If it's a big box store, and the salesdroid won't help you, ask to speak to the manager.)
  18. dart4605

    dart4605 Newbie

    Thanks, but the store folks won't know anything about the phone or the keyboard.
  19. marctronixx


    perhaps the keyboard does not WORK with this device? is there a compatibility chart for this type of keyboard on its website?

    have you contacted the developer of the keyboard?

    are you rooted?

    can you try, say, a friends phone to see if it pairs?

    if you exchanged the keyboard at the same store is possible they have a defective batch and you could have a defective keyboard.

    EDIT: what six digit code did you use? "0000" or "1234"?

    I see you have posted all over the internet about this same question..

    I am reading there may be some type of .apk needed to install on the phone off the CD. have you seen any app on the CD that comes with it?

    more and more people are having issues with this keyboard the more I do random searches. looks to be a pretty cheap product so no harm no foul, but is there some other keyboard you can swap for?

    are these keyboards new? and what kind of shop are you getting these from?

    is this the keyboard?

    Hype Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard Case with Adjustable Tilt for iPhone 4 | Product Details | Pep Boys


    seems pepboys carries it... :p
  20. dart4605

    dart4605 Newbie

    I couldn't find a manufacturer site. Neither could others.

    No, I'm not rooted.

    The code changes each time I try to pair it. I enter the code it gives, but it fails.

    If "all over the net" means once here and once on androidcentral, yes.

    No, that isn't the keyboard.

    It sounds like you found the same stuff I already found.

    There is supposed to be a CD that comes with it. It doesn't. Judging from the net comments, the lack of a CD probably doesn't matter.

    There was some talk about and Android keyboard bug. I didn't chase that down though.

    Thanks for trying.
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  21. marctronixx


    this looks like an accessory that does not have a R and D dept. ;)

    there are better keyboards out there but with little info on this device it see,s it may not be compatible with 4.x android.

    the above photo has a similar model number hence why i posted it.

    if the code changes and you put in the code on each device and it still does not pair, the keyboard may simply not be compatible. not every Bluetooth device is compatible with this model phone.
  22. BashPhandroid

    BashPhandroid Lurker

    Interested to see your mini-review of the above case/bumper.

    I've just started using a HTC One (M7) and am considering one of these for protection.

    Your mini-review seemed to be based on initial thoughts upon delivery of the case but I wondered if you could add to it based on longer usage.

    How practical was it?
    What was the quality like?
    Did it provide good all-round protection?

    Thanks in advance.
  23. Ste20man

    Ste20man Member

    Hi, first post. I have just passed my driving test and am getting a car tomorrow, I'm going to need a sat nav! I'm gonna use my htc one m7. I see that there are lots of docks, I'm not sure which one to get. But what is really throwing me is when you make a telephone call? How does the person hear you and how do you hear them? Do you need to install a microphone? And a speaker of some kind in the car? I can't believe you could talk to a person at arms length on the htc one? I'm not sure.... Can someone help me out? Thanks in advance, ste.
  24. marctronixx


    GPS is built into the device.

    Use Google maps.

    If the car you are getting has a2dp you may be able to pair the device to your car's system. The mic on the device will be sensitive enough to pick up your conversation and the output of the phone will go through your car speakers.

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