HTC One M8 in-call mic issues


Hi everyone,

I've seen a few people posting about issues with the microphone on the M8 - I've still not been able to find a solution to what sounds like an usual problem.

The only way I can successfully make calls is with a headset. If I don't use a headset the receiver can hear me, but I cannot hear them. If I use loudspeaker I can hear them, but they cannot hear me.

I have rebooted in safe mode to see if any apps are messing with the microphone, there was no difference. I have done a factory reset, still no joy. I believe this happened after running through a bunch of system updates a couple of months ago.

The microphone actually works fine, I can record sound and video audio, which plays back fine. It seems to be only when trying to use it for calls. I cannot work out how to fix this, and really want to try and find a way of not relying on having a hands-free kit with me all the time.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!