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HTC One M8 not booting into sense :(

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JagChohan, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. JagChohan

    JagChohan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    My phone is S-ON and doesn't have an unlocked bootloader, during a sense update the phone crashed and I haven't been able to boot into the OS since. I've managed to get into the bootloader and there is an OS on the phone, not sure how to fix the issue :/ Any help would be much appreciated :)

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  2. JagChohan

    JagChohan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Also the phone is not rooted and when I attempt to switch the phone on, it gets stuck on a black screen and i've had to wait until it runs out of battery before getting back into the bootloader
  3. saltire

    saltire Android Expert

    Just to confirm - your bootloader is "Locked", yes?

    Do you have access to a PC/laptop with the adb/fastboot tools installed? You can get the mini-SDK here if not:

    ADB Guide (updated 2014/11/11)

    along with instructions to install.

    Reboot phone to bootloader in FASTBOOT mode and plug in to PC (so you see FASTBOOT USB on bootloader screen). If bootloader is in FASTBOOT this will be highlighted in blue just below the green bootloader information lines. If this shows HBOOT, then make sure FASTBOOT is highlighted from the menu of coloured text items below this - it is usually already highlighted - if need be use vol up/down buttons to highlight FASTBOOT and press the power button to select it. The bootloader will boot to FASTBOOT.

    Open a command prompt window in the adb/fastboot folder on your PC - if in Explorer hold shift + right click, and pick "Open command window here" from context menu.

    Then type:

    fastboot devices (this is to check fastboot connects to phone ok, it should also return the phone serial number - write this down carefully as we might need it)

    If it does, then type:

    fastboot getvar all

    and post the info the command returns but scrub out your IMEI number and serial number.

    Note that if your bootloader is "Locked", unfortunately we may end up in the situation where to get phone working again the process involved wipes your phone including the internal SD card.
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  4. RuLEoF2

    RuLEoF2 Newbie

    Good luck man. I've been there and it's scary as hell so I know.

    I will say this, you shouldn't need to wait for the battery to run out to reboot. If you're trying to get to the bootloader and you have a black screen, you can try this.

    Normally, doing a Press/hold the power button and press/hold the volume up button for about 10 seconds will simply reboot the phone. However, if you're trying to reboot to the bootloader, you can try this.

    On the 10th second of holding the power and volume up, without releasing the power button, quickly release the volume up and press/hold the volume down button. It might take a few attempts but if it works, it will get you to the bootloader. I've tried it on mine a few times and it worked for me.

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