Help HTC One mini 2 stuck in airplane mode



Hey all,

Here's some basic info about my phone. I'm not much of a phone geek so if something is missing, let me know...

Android version: 4.4.2
Sense Version: 6.0
Phone was never rooted.

Essentially, my problem is as simple as the title. I turned my phone off while at work, and when I rebooted it, it refused to exit airplane mode. I tried hard reboots, pulling out and reinserting the SIM, and even a factory reset. Nothing has worked.

I've noticed that this seems to be a fairly common occurrence for HTC users based on the forums I've been reading through. People who did manage to find a solution either poorly explain how they did it or it's just going way over my head.

If anyone has had experience with this issue on an HTC, and managed to fix it, please share your experience. Again, I'm no expert with Android or even cell phones in general, so explanations with small words would be most appreciated :).

Thanks in advance,