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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me. My HTC One Mini ran out of battery this morning and it's now stuck on the bootloader page, this is unintentional and happened when I charged my phone back up. I've seen this page twice before, my phone re-started itself previously. I've pressed 'power down' and 'reboot' and 'recovery' nothing appears to be working. The bootloader is locked. I want to try and retrieve my data before I start a factory re-set. Is that at all possible? I've read something about HTCdev if that has any relevance. If I unlock my bootloader my warranty is then invalidated, I don't mind if that happens and I retrieve my files, but if I can't I don't want to take that risk. I'm at a loss. I'm not a technical person so any instructions put simply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Also I've downloaded RUU Cingular because I read it may help, but I don't know how specifically.


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Unlocking the bootloader will factory reset the phone, so you can't solve it that way.

An RUU will completely reload your phone's software, but again it will perform a factory reset in the process. So you don't want to do either of those things if you can avoid them.

Try charging the phone fully, shutting down (if necessary press and hold the power button to force a shutdown) then see whether you can boot normally. If not, check the volume keys work (can you use the volume down key to move through the bootloader menu?). If the volume down key gets stuck that will put you into the bootloader whenever you boot.

Otherwise I'm not sure why this is happening. Hopefully someone else will have some ideas.


Thanks for your suggestions, I charged the phone fully but it's still on the bootloader page. The keys are working, I have scraped any possible dirt from around the key, so I don't think it's because it's stuck. Whenever I click recovery it goes back to 'fastboot usb' page. Is it possible to download something to help retrieve my files before a factory reset? I've seen a few videos but I have a Mac.


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I have a Mac too. Unfortunately if you can't get out of the bootloader (fastboot mode is one side of that) there's not much you can do to access the data. You can use "fastboot" commands by installing the app on your Mac (below), but they don't let you copy data. ADB (Android Debug Bridge) would let you copy data over USB, but that won't work when you're stuck in the bootloader. That's the catch, not the Mac (you can do most things using a Mac apart from run a RUU, which requires Windows).

One thing you could try, though it's a bit of a long shot: you can't copy data in fastboot mode, but you can erase stuff. So maybe, just maybe, if your problem is a corrupted cache file then clearing the cache will fix it. You'll need to install the fastboot program on your computer: there's some info on that here. Then connect the phone to the computer and test it using the command:

fastboot-mac devices

If that returns your serial number then it's working. Then you can try:

fastboot-mac erase cache

You don't lose anything with that command. As I say, it's a long shot, but it's the one thing you can erase without losing anything you care about, so you lose nothing by trying it.


Hi Hadron,

Thank you for your help! I did try but unfortunately it didn't work :(
I also entered my serial number manually but that didn't help either. I have no other choice but to send it off and lose all my files, which is annoying as I backed it up to HTC Sync a few months ago but as it isn't recognising my phone it no longer has my files stored on there oddly.