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HTC One Professional Reviews

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by digital83, Feb 19, 2013.

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    Shocked I would even be remembered..LOL!! But, after much research I decided to go with the Galaxy 3 over the Evo LTE. I just wanted to try something different. Plus it had 2gb of Ram vs 1 for the Evo. I did love my original Evo though and was hoping to stay with the line, but it seemed like it started to lose steam. The One does look like a great phone though and if I had to choose between the One and the GS4, I would probably choose the One. I miss my kickstand..lol..:D..


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    Not really a review, more like a summary to be honest but the final paragraph caught my eye. Not the first time this has been mentioned.

    HTC One

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    Fixed your link. First I've heard of the One X getting hot due to heavy wifi use.
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    doesn't sound too bad.
    my N4 was scorching around the lens until I installed a kernel that undervolted.
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    Didn't think i could find any more new reviews for The One but i have (if anybody cares at this point lol). Have to say, hands down, so far the HTC One is and will be the best reviewed phone of 2013.

    Don't know if anyone will be interested in reading these as everything that needs to be said has most likely been said but i'm sure folks will still be interested.

    CoolSmartPhone review incl. editorial piece:

    HTC One – Review | Coolsmartphone

    Editorial – HTC are back. | Coolsmartphone

    The Wirecutter:


    Read the very last sentence of the review! It is GENIUS!!!

    My Broadband:


    From GeekTech:


    Gavin's Gadgets blog:


    Phone Dog have done their review, but gave further impressions on the phone:

    What are your initial thoughts of the HTC One? | PhoneDog

    Techradar: Comparsion reviews - HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Sony Xperia Z:

    HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Sony Xperia Z | News | TechRadar

    Winner - HTC One!
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