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HTC One Remix, adding a microsd card help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by drhiii, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. drhiii

    drhiii Lurker
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    I have an HTC One Remix. Am a newb at this so please bear with me…

    I have figured out I can add a 128GB microsd card to the phone. Cool.

    What I am trying to figure out is how to then 'move' two or three applications and their data to this new chip. Specifically, I have a GoPro that is churning out a lot of data that gets transferred to the phone, is then reviewed and if needed, cropped, compressed… and then emailed out as an email attachment.

    I know I know, there are more sophisticated ways of utilizing cloud storage, but there is a reason for going at it this way.

    My question is, can anyone point me to a HowTo, Tutorial FAQ… anything that would educate me as to how the the HTC One Remix phone manages its existing storage on the 16GB, and how one can tweak this to place the GoPro and one or two other editing apps onto this new 128GB chip so work can take place on this new chip?

    I've been tooling trying to learn this but admit the apps that help view the storage devices give nice graphs and charts, but I am not comfortable with what I am looking at, yet. And have not found a decent walk thru of how storage is managed, and how to retweak it to perform the scenario above.

    Anyway point me to anything to help understanding how to accomplish the above? Tx a mil

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  2. Hadron

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    I'm not sure this is so much a phone question as an application question: specifically, I think this questions really concerns whichever app you are using to process data from the GoPro and how to tell it to use the removable card. Since you've not said what app that is it's hard to give a clear answer. Also what OS are you running? 4.4 places certain limits on how apps can use the removable card, which would be particularly important if you are using one app for writing data and another for processing it.

    The very basics of Android storage is that the internal storage is used for apps/app data and media. In the first case it's addressed as /data, in the second as /sdcard, but it's the same partition that's used in both cases: the difference is that the /data directory tree is protected, so you need root privileges to access that yourself. Then there is the removable card, which in the most recent versions is really a media store. In particular, with 4.4 non-system apps will only have write access to their own area of the card (though they can read from other folders). I've had little practical experience of this, since my phone doesn't have an SD card, so it's probably better that others advise on using this.

    Since the "One Remix" is quite a different phone from the One this thread isn't particularly relevant here, so I'm going to ask the mods to move it to somewhere where it will get more attention.

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