Apr 19, 2012
HTC one S or Motorola Razr?

Which phone should I get?
Here are the cons of each one when compared to one another.

HTC ONE S cons
No SD Card
Only 10GB of user available storage
Shorter Battery life
Bigger form factor (although they are both 4.3" screens)
Small front-facing camera

Motorola Razr cons
No ICS yet
Slower processor (1.2ghz vs 1.5ghz on the ONE S)
Not many camera features
older phone in general (I prefer the newest tech)
No FM radio
No 4G (although my network currently offers HSDPA+ only)

although it may seem straight forward given I have more 'cons' for the Motorola razr, I prefer to have a longer battery life. That is one of the most important things I need. It offers an expandable memory, which I usually need.
I don't play a lot of games, usually Sudoku, but I don't know how the different processors will be able to handle my multitasking. Which I do a lot of.
Can anybody give me their opinion on these phones? Which one will suit me best. I edit docs on the go, check the news and email. Battery life is essential because I am not constantly near chargers. I use every single trick to extend battery life. (I am unable to get the RAZR MAXX but I would).
My previous phone was an Atrix and used to get stuck all the time when I was playing music and working at the same time.
Don't offer me any new alternatives, please. I'm already having a hard time deciding.
Thanks in advance.
If it was me I would definitely get the One S. It sounds like with your level of usage that I think you'll find that it will be a device you will enjoy for years to come.

I hope you enjoy whatever purchase you decide =)

I am in Canada, the Razr Maxx is not available here. My provider (Fido) has said they would start selling the One S, but they haven't started yet.
I am using a HTC HD7 that sucks right now... Can't use any of my applications that I have paid for. That's the problem with all these different OS's. Once you invest so much in one of them it hurts to even try a different one.
The Razr Maxx is incredible. My wife and I were at the Virginia Aquarium yesterday and took tons of pics, tons of HD video, use the GPS to and from our destination, made calls, text, surf the web and at the end of the day the battery life was at half full. I know you said the Maxx was unavailable, but if you could get it, it's the way to go.
Would have to be the One S, storage is a bit on the low size but I would made do for the extra power from Krait and Adreno 225.
HTC one S or Motorola Razr?
HTC ONE S cons
No SD Card
Only 10GB of user available storage
Shorter Battery life
Bigger form factor (although they are both 4.3" screens)
How One S's form-factor is bigger? It's the same height, 4mm narrower, a tiny bit lighter, and actually thinner, because the Razr has that ugly 1cm+ bulge. Also One S has round corners, which make it less noticeable in the pockets. So I'd say the form-factor of One S in general is actually more compact!

The only real disadvantage of the One S is the absence of the SD-card slot. Battery life greatly depends on the usage. Even though One S has a bit smaller battery, and faster processor, I don't think it will be very big difference in battery life compared to Razr in the same usage scenario.

So, my voice is for HTC One S. In fact I'm planning to buy it myself. Will probably even go to the US to get it from T-Mobile. I need one for AWS band, and I don't think it will appear at Wind or at Mobilicity any time soon.
Personally, I would go for the One S: Snapdragon S4 is arguably the most powerful SoC out there, Beats audio and better camera quality. Reviews say battery performance is decent (of course not on the same level as the Razr Maxx, but it is expected). Lastly, I like Sense much better than Motoblur (to me Motoblur is pretty ugly) and Sense offers better features, an example would be internet-pass-through. I haven't seen any phone with this feature besides HTC phones.