HTC One vs. Moto X


Well I got my HTC One yesterday, and I got to say I am a Happy Camper. So far no complaints

After going through the 2 week support Hell with Motorola on the Moto X, and finally being told thats the way the phone is and we arent going to unlock it.
The credit card readers don't work on the new motorola devices nor does it sound like they will ever work. Also the email configuration for a manual config can not be changed and again nor does it sound like it will ever be changed. (I have GoDaddy email accounts and the SMTP port needs to be changed to 80; Motorola, and Google won't allow you to change this)

The HTC one, I got the email to work the first time, and I plugged the credit card readers into the HTC One, and they worked the first time. :)

Two brand new phones with the same version of Android, one works fine, the other is locked down. Makes me think Google is trying to follow the Apple IPhone model, wonder what else is locked down on their (Google/Motorola) phones.

I guess Google and Motorola don't want to market their devices to small business people I know a lot of folks that use the credit card readers to conduct their business and accept payments from customers. I'll be spreading the word so they don't have to go through what I went through. :mad:

Back in Business and making money again. ;)

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That's interesting indeed. My buddy from a financial company is being issued the Moto X as his work phone. So I wonder if the locked down semi free approach is what that company needs.


Any opinions between these two phones?

I know HTC One is still the hardware winner, but I am leaning towards the Moto X because I don't have much faith in HTC's commitment to upgrading software. I am replacing a Droid Incredible 2 and some of you may remember HTC's repeated, unfulfilled promises to upgrade its software. However, they seem to be offering fewer phones and the One is a flagship device, so maybe they're doing better in that regard these days. I haven't followed the One closely since its release, but has HTC been reliably and quickly upgrading software?

Also, does anyone know if Amazon typically offers the higher-end version of a device? Currently, they only have the 16gb version of the Moto X, unless I just can't find the 32 gb version.

Thanks everyone :)


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As for the Moto X, you can get the 32GB using the Moto Maker or buying the developer edition at full retail.


Thanks for the reply and sorry for posting to the wrong forum.

Regarding the 32gb version, I'd love to save that $150 if Amazon offers the higher-end versions of devices after some time. It's unclear to me whether or not they only offer the lowest tier model of each device.


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So far HTC have been doing OK: the One launched in the Spring with 4.1.2, has since had 4.2.2, 4.3 and now 4.4.

Now how well that will continue through next year, I obviously cannot say.


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Moto hasn't had a stellar record of upgrading either, although maybe that will change now that they're owned by Google and now that KitKat is designed to run on more (meaning lesser) devices.


Has anyone switched from the HTC One to the Moto X?

I am switching to Verizon in mid March and am these are the two phones i'm considering.

Any input and or pros/cons of either would be appreciated.

I am currently with Sprint and have a Galaxy S2 so I know either phone is a major



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Here's my personal take: The HTC One is the best Android phone ever made. The Moto X is over-hyped.

I don't understand the accolades for the Moto X. The form factor is nice, but I don't think it can compete with the metal chassis of the One. The One screen is better. The One camera is better. The One speakers are way better. I can't point to any area that the Moto X performs better than the One.

And another quirk with the Moto X is that Google Now triggers surprisingly easily. If the phone is left face up and the kids are screaming, Google Now turns on and starts listening. If you don't catch it, your battery is going to take a hit (which I think the battery stinks to begin with).

So, all in all, I don't get the love for the Moto X. It really can't hold a candle to the One, in my opinion. So I gave it to my wife.


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Here's my personal take: The HTC One is the best Android phone ever made. The Moto X is over-hyped.

I don't agree the HTC One is best Android device ever made but I like the enthusiasm. :)

But I do agree the Moto X is over-hyped, for the same price here you can buy a Nexus 5 which is in another league altogether.