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HTC One X - UK upgrade and retentions deals (any carrier)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by eddiewawa, Apr 3, 2012.


  2. vard

    vard Newbie

    I've got a one being delivered on upgrade - ordered through carphone warehouse.

    I'm suspect as to whether I could get more - the guy said he'd send me a confirmation email which would detail everything I'm getting, but I haven't received it... so I'll be phoning back and asking for that.

    I got the phone for free and I'll be paying 36 a month. I believe it's 1GB/month download allowance with unlimited texts and... erm, can't remember how many minutes, but I believe I also get free use of BT openzone hotspots.

    It's a 24 month contract -- just reading through this page though it seems I might not have got the best deal. Perhaps as I went through carphone warehouse and they can't offer any retention deals / flexibility (chose to do so as I didn't want the phone to be locked to Orange, as I travel between Ireland and the UK a lot)

    If I was to contact Orange directly would it be possible to discuss any possible changes? I assume I wouldn't be able to negotiate the price as I have renewed the contract, but I'm thinking I might be able to - if not change the price - get a little more for my money.

    Phone will be arriving this Wednesday! Looking forward to it... delivery time of somewhere between 7AM and 9PM...
  3. MaverickWar

    MaverickWar Newbie

    I imagine changing the deal would be difficult now as you took the contract out already and not with orange direct, you went through an authorised agent, worth a phone call though I would say, as you have pointed out, retention deals bring locked handsets mostly and authorised agents like CPW and P4U usually get phones from manufacturers unlocked.

    There are 2 reasons I'm looking for a retention deal, number 1 is that I can get a few quid of (hopefully) and a few extras, but also by buying through the network and getting a locked phone, I can take out orange care insurance, I was told this isn't allowed with unlocked handsets.
  4. Tomo1971

    Tomo1971 Well-Known Member

    I think that most deals over the phone or net are subject to the 7 day cooling off period.
  5. MaverickWar

    MaverickWar Newbie

    You are referring to distance selling regulations I believe, that is true but some companies (not naming names, p4u!) some try to say they are not obligated to honour those regulations for upgrading customers, worth looking into though :)
  6. Nasalhair

    Nasalhair Guest

    I spoke to Orange yesterday about upgrading. I'm on a Dolphin 15 contract (I send a lot of texts, use about 150MB data a month, but only ever make calls to magic numbers - I've got my land line for everything else) and was told I could stay on this contract and pay
  7. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I doubt CPW will be any better.
    To upgrade to a Motorola razr, on my T-mobile account through CPW ( T-Mob don;t list the phone, so only way to get that phone) they were talking about
  8. JohnnyBravo1000

    JohnnyBravo1000 Android Expert

    What happens with the micro sim card? Do they send you a micro sim when you upgrade or do you have to make your own?
  9. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate!
    VIP Member

    I got one in the box with mine, I presume the unbranded from Amazon etc won't have one, but the likes of CPW & P4U will.
  10. ifb-online

    ifb-online Android Enthusiast

    I want to upgrade to a One X and at the moment I have an unbranded (no bloatware) HTC Desire from mobiles.co.uk (part of Carphone Warehouse) and my current tariff is extremely good, I feel: T-Mobile Web n Walk unlimited data (3GB fair use but only speed managed if exceeded) 300 any network minutes, unlimited land line calls, 300 texts (perfect for me). Tethering works a treat. My Desire cost me
  11. Nasalhair

    Nasalhair Guest

    Well I'm rather unimpressed with Orange...

    Yesterday I called Customer Services and asked about upgrades and - as stated earlier - was quoted
  12. MaverickWar

    MaverickWar Newbie

    Ive been there nasalhair, if you shouted at a member of staff they could pin point the recorded call, but get offered something you shouldn't have any surprisingly they will not be able to locate said offer or call!

    Always the way. That's why I hate networks.
  13. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    yep been there too. The Razr was originally offered at my current
  14. MaverickWar

    MaverickWar Newbie

    Well well well surprise surprise, orange just phoned me to tell me there are a few one x in stock but the deal I was offered before by 2 advisors, they suddenly can't do it, "these offers can not coexist" I honestly could throttle some of the peoe I've spoken to.

    They offer
    They retract
    They offer
    They deny some more! Ahhhhhhh lol

    *rant over.
  15. Netherdragon

    Netherdragon Android Enthusiast

    sorted out my upgrade through 3 yesterday.
  16. Nasalhair

    Nasalhair Guest

    Further update!

    Just been into Carphone Warehouse and was offered the handset as an upgrade from my current Dolphin 15 to Panther 20 (I hardly ever use the minutes on my contract but send a lot of texts and use about 150MB internet, the rest being used on wifi) for
  17. MaverickWar

    MaverickWar Newbie

    Oh no :-( its gone out of stock at orange again :-( well this give me some time to reaffirm some things

    Firstly my original offer is not unlimited data as was first thought. So here are my options

    Both are priced 30.60 a month for 24 months.

    Unlimited minutes (3 thousand fair usage) unlimited messages and 1.5gb of data on a panther 36 tetherable plan. No swappables (this is a loyalty plan)

    1200 mins, unlimited text and unlimited Internet (truly unlimited) with 2 swappables included. (this is a standard plan)

    What do we think guys, I'm still leaning towards the top offer but maybe I'm missing something or not thinking about something, I average about 860 mins in my phone at present but my gf will be going to uni soon and she's with tesco and doesn't use the orange sim I gave her which is linked as a magic number. Also I'm hopefully going to be setting my own web based business soon aswell but could involve alot of phone calls or data usage.

    All advice welcome and appreciated, even if it's to say that you think there is still another deal left in Orange. I doubt there is because some these extras are line rental discounts and discretionary discounts by the advisors themselves.
  18. davoid

    davoid Android Expert

    Is the second deal tetherable data? I doubt it because they only seem to offer tetherable on limited data contracts - so that you can pay extra when you go over your measly allowance. And you will if you are tethering it.

    What I would ask is whether you want to use that nice 720p screen for watching youtube videos etc? because HD video streaming is going to use a lot of data. With a phone like this it seems a travesty to be limited in your data usage.

    And is your gf adamantly sticking to tesco? If you're not taking advantage of magic numbers, why stick with orange if you can get a better deal from another provider? on 3 you can get tetherable unlimited?

    At least look for better deals on other networks as leverage when you ask for your PAC and they start dealing with you properly.
  19. Netherdragon

    Netherdragon Android Enthusiast

    ok you 2 best options, are to go with 3 as mentioned above, as you get the following for
  20. MaverickWar

    MaverickWar Newbie

    It's a tough one for me, ive been told Davoid that both those plans are tetherable as thy are both on the panther plan which is exclusively allows you to tether you inclusive data allowance.

    I hear what you are all saying about a network switch, however an extra 5 quid is 120 pounds a yea and to get free phone I need to be on 38 plan with 3 or 41 with tmobile.

    I just can't see me getting a better deal than what I've been offered, 90% of the orange upgrade/detentions advisors won't offer me the deal I have been offered largely because the advisor who offered it has used one of his safecards he's allowed monthly to bump one of my options up to unlimited. I only get 15% off by fluke and although a band 4 customer, my loyalty points are low and barely cover the cost of the phone free at 36 a month (which new customers get)
  21. davoid

    davoid Android Expert

    How about this on 3: 2000 mins, 5000 texts, unlimited tetherable data. You pay
  22. MaverickWar

    MaverickWar Newbie

    There we go so that deal means I pay out 65 quid for phone and I would have to pay another 5 pound a month for tether, that means I'm worse of with that deal as far as I can see?
  23. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Have you tried ringing the other providers?
    My last phone should have been about
  24. marcowil

    marcowil Newbie

  25. Netherdragon

    Netherdragon Android Enthusiast

    call up 3 and ask for the one x on the one plan for

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