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HTC One X Water Damage?

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Jan 5, 2014.

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    so about 3-4 days ago, my one X got wet, just from rain getting on it and into my bag a bit, so there was water sitting around in the case for probably a few minutes. i didn't realise how wet it was, so had it out and was using it still, when the screen went black. the phone was still on, as i could still see the lights across the buttons at the bottom, but the screen seemed to have died. so i turned it off and dried it off best i could.

    in the morning it had turned itself on and seemed to be okay but i soon discovered after some use, the screen would black out again for a few seconds-minutes and evenutally would come back to life again. at one point it stayed black (although the phone was still vibrating and making sounds etc), and i couldn't get it to turn off.

    i waited for the battery to die and got it into a box of rice as soon as i could (about halfway through the day). i checked on it once or twice in the next 2 days (probably should have just left it off) and it was still doing the thing with the screen, and i can see where the water went under the screen.

    this morning i turned it on after it had been sitting in rice, off, for maybe around 40 hours untouched. it's still doing it! black screen for a few seconds, then when i press the lock button again, it's working fine. i've put it back in the rice again and turned it off, but is there any hope that the screen will recover properly and stop doing this weird thing???

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    The worst thing you can do when a phone gets wet is to turn it on to check (been there, done that myself).

    You can leave it in the rice for a while longer, but I wouldn't hold out much hope, sorry. :(

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