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HTC One X WiFi 'Error'

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JordoHTC, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. JordoHTC

    JordoHTC Lurker
    Thread Starter

    After installing Jellybean 4.1, my WiFi will not turn on. When trying to turn on, it will say 'Turning on...' for a few minutes then continue to say 'Error'. Then following that will loop the process. This has only happened since installing Jellybean. This is not the only issue, the UI has also been very laggy and unresponsive.

    Please help.

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  2. TarekElsakka

    TarekElsakka Well-Known Member

    Oh man! I have had that problem with Android Revolution HD 17 and tried formatting the device and re-installing but the exact same thing kept happening, and I had no signal whatsoever.

    I ended up installing ViperX and things went smoothly. I am not sure what causes that error, but you're the only one, besides me, whom I've heard of experiencing this.
  3. JordoHTC

    JordoHTC Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Dude, it sucks so bad. I'm just chewing through my 3g. I love my HTC, but seriously, I'm pissed off.
  4. TarekElsakka

    TarekElsakka Well-Known Member

    I know how you feel man. It happened to me while I was working out and even the Bluetooth was failing to connect to my wireless beats. It was one of the worst workouts I had, lol.

    Have you tried doing a hard reset (holding the power button and both volume buttons at the same time)?

    And also when I had problems with ICS before, I boot into bootloader and tapped on Recovery (had stock recovery at the time) and it ended up restoring my device as though it is completely new but everything was deleted from it. Have you tried doing that? But backing up first, of course. Perhaps it might fix this issue.
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  5. JordoHTC

    JordoHTC Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks bro, I'll give the hard reset a go. I'll let you know how it pans out afterwards.
  6. JordoHTC

    JordoHTC Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Nothing. *******. Worked.
    Thanks for your help anyway dude.
  7. greatsnoring

    greatsnoring Member

    Try using a fixed ip address. This sorted the problem for me. Go to settings, wifi, advanced settings, click on fixed ip. If it doesn't come up as an option at that point, disconnect and forget the wifi connection then reconnect but at the point that it asks for a password go down to advanced settings and the option for fixed ip should be there. You may have to overwrite the ip address at this point before it allows you to connect. This stops the circling between searching finding and disconnecting. If you still have problems check under the same advanced settings that you are using the correct gateway for by our router. You only need to change these settings on your phone, not your router.
  8. JordoHTC

    JordoHTC Lurker
    Thread Starter

    When going into Advanced settings for WiFi, there is no option for 'Fixed IP'. This information might be relevant, but my MAC address and IP address are both unavailable, what does that mean?
  9. greatsnoring

    greatsnoring Member

    I had this until I told it to forget the wifi connection then went back in and reconnected. I it was only on this screen where it asks for your password that you can tick the box for advanced settings And then by scrolling down you can put in fixed ip and then below that the actual ip address and gateway for your router.
  10. JordoHTC

    JordoHTC Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yeah true. Well I've sent the ******* thing away to get repaired now.
  11. krudra

    krudra Newbie

    Hi all,

    I am facing the same problem. My Wifi was working perfectly. Then i tried switching my wifi hotspot on and it did not turn on. Now neither does my hotspot start nor does my Wifi start.

    On starting wifi, it gives me a error message.

    Any ideas how to fix this??

  12. JordoHTC

    JordoHTC Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey mate, this is the problem I was talking about. In the end I had to send it away and they fixed everything for me. I don't think there is a fix unless you root your phone and re-install ICS.
  13. sunaina

    sunaina Lurker

    i have same problem i bought a cell htc one S i tried to on wifi but it suddenly show error my WiFi will not turn on. When trying to turn on, it will say 'Turning on...' for a few minutes then continue to say 'Error'.mac seeting are not enable i dont know hot remove this error
  14. franners

    franners Member

    Static IP worked for me. Still a little slow to rejoin wifi but does join it. Prior to that only wifi off/on would trigger connect.

    You assign a static IP on your router not the handset.
  15. aura t

    aura t Lurker

    I suspect you're talking about 2 different issues here. One is low connectivity, and the other one is simply not getting the WiFi to turn on at all.
    I am experiencing the latter, and I have a HTC One X Plus, which came after the confirmed HTC One hardware problem they claimed had been solved in production.
    I cannot get it to stop trying to turn the WiFi on at all, and it's draining my battery incredibly fast.
    I will send it back to them and hopefully they'll get the issue fixed.
    Anyway, for me the HTC brand is not looking so good anymore. It's clear enugh they couldn't fix a well known problem even after releasing another product entirely.
    Next time that I'm researching a device, I'll simply look at the technical features and ignore all the praising bullshit. What I will do in return is simply google "blabla_device_name PROBLEMS" and see what comes up. Lesson learned!
  16. benitorios

    benitorios Member

    Fair enough. But your search will likely return hundreds of results for every mobile phone out there, because one way or another there simply isn't any manufacturer or particular phone model that's magically immune to quality issues. It's delusional to expect perfection, especially as the pace of innovation and new product rollouts is now head-spinning, forcing manufacturers to let out of the door products with slight imperfections, only to correct them in later batches (and possibly creating new problems in the process).

    I've come to terms with that reality and although i've been lucky with my One X in the 1 year I've owned it, I know I could very well end up with a defective unit if I were to buy a new one, or a Samsung, or any other phone for that matter.

    I understand your frustration. I'm just saying perfection is not part of this world.

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