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HTC Picasa uploader bug

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by shameless, May 25, 2010.

  1. shameless

    shameless Lurker
    Thread Starter

    This weekend I was out shooting pictures with my Incredible's amazing camera! Yesterday I decided to try out Picasa, so I set up my account on my Incredible and marked about 20 pictures for uploading.
    When the upload was done, I looked at the pix on the Picasa website and noticed that all but one of them seemed to have uploaded incompletely -- there was a jagged gray bar at the bottom of each picture indicating missing information in the picture file.
    After some googling, I discovered this page
    Incomplete uploads (grey bottom) with Android - Picasa Help
    The conclusion there is that there's a bug in the HTC Sense Picasa uploader that's causing this problem.
    So this is just a caution for anyone planning to upload pix from your Incredible to Picasa to check the uploads.
    Hopefully HTC will get a fix out for this soon.

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  2. forumsid987

    forumsid987 Newbie

    Same issue on evo 4g, very annoying!
  3. some.devil

    some.devil Android Enthusiast

    Thanks! Same here using the Evo. Although, some pics are uploading completely and others are not.
  4. forumsid987

    forumsid987 Newbie

    yeah, some work fine. this is odd.
  5. heffa

    heffa Newbie

    Exact same problem with my Desire.
    Have tried multiple resolutions, multiple file sizes and single or multiple file uploads. Tried the standard Desire Photos app and the Nexus1 Gallery app (as modified for Desire). Everytime, bottom 1/3 of the pic is greyed out. Same pics uploaded or copied to anywhere else are fine.
  6. GearheadGeek

    GearheadGeek Lurker

    I'm experiencing the same problem with FroYo on a new HTC Evo (purchased last week.) Since the other comments I see are from May and June, it's an ongoing problem and clearly hasn't been fixed by HTC. Thanks Shameless for the link, it hadn't occurred to me to look for other Picasa uploaders in the market. Duh!
  7. hotani

    hotani Member

    Still have this issue here on the HTC EVO. Apparently it's a bug in the HTC uploader. I tried another gallery app, QuickPic, but it also uses the htc uploader method.
  8. porcia

    porcia Lurker

    Bug with Picasa Uploader or phone??? My HTC incredible 2 is STUCK in the middle of upload. I CANNOT make it stop. Thought the picasa uploader app was so cool so just marked all pics (about 60) to upload... it stopped 1/2 way through and there seems to be no way to cancel it. keeps locking up... I uninstalled the app, restarted phone... no luck. Any suggestions? Anyone else having this prob?

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