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HTC releases its own widgets on Market?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by chuk1005, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. chuk1005

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    HTC debuts widgets for Sense-equipped Android phones -- Engadget


    Engadget-"HTC was already in the Android software game by virtue of the fact that it drops a fully-customized UI and widget suite on some of its models, but this is new: they've migrated over to the Market. Now, what'd be insanely awesome here is if you could, say, buy Sense for $9.99 and install it on any Android device, but yeah, not so much -- what we've actually got here is a four-pack of free widgets that are compatible with the Hero and Droid Eris. Dice, Today in History, Tip Calculator, and Battery are each downloadable individually; none are particularly exciting or different than what's already available in the Market, but they've all got that famous HTC high style and the exclusivity of knowing that Motorola, Acer, Samsung, and Huawei riffraff can't use them. All four are available now."

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  2. chuk1005

    chuk1005 Member
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