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HTC Rezound S-OFF Petition

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by s1l3nt, Dec 23, 2011.

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    Hello everyone,

    I've noticed a thread regarding this was locked because Android Forums does not want people flooding mailboxes of the companies in question. So I will start a thread that simply includes the link to the petition and the link to the petition that got a response from HTC, in which the CEO of HTC promised to unlock all bootloaders, but obviously got denied by Verizon.

    These are simply petitions for customers to voice their concerns, if I am violating any forum regulations, please let me know.

    If we get enough signatures, we can get Verizon's attention and perhaps get them to start unlocking bootloaders on their network.

    This is the CURRENT petition: (Please sign)


    This is the petition that got the attention of HTC's CEO:

    HTC Bootloaders and NAND | groubal complaints

    I am simply trying to help the community to get Verizon to give us the CHOICE to unlock these phones.


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