Help HTC Sensation keeps sending data


I'm very new to Android phones and cant understand why my HTC Sensation keeps sending data when I'm not even using it for example 2am in the morning when I'm asleep!


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As a smartphone your Sensation syncs for email, weather, ... :)

If you want to know details like which apps have how much data, you should install an app like TrafficInfo, Network TrafficStats or 3G Watchdog Pro.



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If you go into settings > accounts look in there and see which of your accounts are set to refresh and how often. You can then turn off or change the refresh time of anything that you feel is refreshing too often.


you could dissable background data if you want, that'll put a stop to things syncing by themselvs.
there's a pretty handy widget for that kind of stuff, it came pre-loaded on mine, it's called power manager. it gives you five easy short cuts you can tap to dissable; wi-fi, gps, blue tooth, syncing, and brightness (bassicaly turns backlight to minimum)