HTC Sensation Screen Protector


Has anyone used the genuine HTC screen protector?
Just fitted mine, but doesn't seem to stick properly around the edges where the screen glass is concave.


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if by genuine you mean the one in the tmobile store, mine is fine. the guy in the store put it on for me, but there's a speck of dirt in the middle, i'm scared to move it lol


I tried unbranded ones and found they were too thick and curled at the edges. The genuine HTC ones come in a pack of 2, are thinner and fit perfectly, BUT being thin they curl very easily which makes getting them on perfectly a pig of a job. Usually I stick one end down and then blow sideways across the screen to remove tiny hairs and dust as I stick the rest down, but the HTC protectors are too flimsy and can't be held at the edge. I eventually got mine on with only a single bit of dust underneath but its off the screen and near the back button. I've always wondered why phones can't come with a screen protector pre installed in the sterile environment of the factory.