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HTC Sensation - Stop Auto Download ? and EMail Issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by E Mitril, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. E Mitril

    E Mitril Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have an HTC sensation but some weird things have happened. First the thing autodownloads emails which I don't want it to do but the settings don't seem to provide for either auto downloads or only the when you ask (manual) option so that it downloads only when you 'pull' . Second, I got a message that said one email was no longer on the server when I never deleted the message and my server is set to keep copies until I download them to my Outlook - ie it deleted from the server after I opened it [and I did not delete the message - I just got a message that the email was no longer available on the server !] and my settings did not provide for that either and this happened with no other email ???!! The danger is with the first and second problem you get autodowloads and for some reason some emails are deleted from your server when you open them - that is the macro issue. Third, there is an annoying message that if say you have 6 mails already on your Sensation and your server is programmed to keep copies until you download them on our Outlook you get a message that you have 6 more messages on your server. However this is a false message because these are the same messages already downloaded onto your Sensation and you can't retrieve them because if you press the Get MOre Messages nothing happens because they are already there on your Sensation. Any suggestions to these three weird nicks and scratches ? I am most concerned about the auto download and the mysterious deletion of a mail on the server. Thanks E UK.

  2. peterc10

    peterc10 Android Enthusiast

    Not sure if you have tried this. Go into the HTC email app. Then hit menu > more > settings > send and receive settings. Make sure the "delete mail on server" box is unticked. Also on the same screen hit update schedule and it will give you the option as to how often you want to download and includes a manual option. You can choose different settings for peak and non-peak times.

    Not sure if you are looking for push email? If so I have never bothered with that so can't help.
  3. E Mitril

    E Mitril Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Peter - Ill give it a try Thanks - I have also eliminated auto downloads and made all manual - that is equivalent to a pull system a la Palm Treos vs push Blackberrys which like HTC are auto downloads. However another email disappeared from the server this morning - most did not but one did again appearing on my HTC but taken off the server while most emails stayed on the server as intended ----weird as noted. Let's see what happens. Atb
  4. Kunnath

    Kunnath Lurker


    Can you explain how you avoided the auto download? I am struggling with the emails eating away my memory in a week!
  5. pezlaa

    pezlaa Lurker

    I am having the same issues.... hundreds, close to a thousand single attachments of the same PDF. I can see the time on each one about 10 / 15 mins apart as the email syncs over and over again.... SURLEY the phone cannot be THAT STUPID..????:mad:

    I am having a BIG issue with data useage too on my Sensation XE....
  6. Deb222

    Deb222 Lurker

    I want to make mine stop auto download also I have done everything in settings but maybe something I overlooked. I know this is an old thread by I have looked all over the Web and cannot find any help thanks

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