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htc sensation wallpaper

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cookie man, May 22, 2011.

  1. cookie man

    cookie man Lurker
    Thread Starter

    dose anyone know what the wallpaper is called in this picture?

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  2. SDscorch

    SDscorch Android Enthusiast

    post it up on the "htc sensation" forum (european version)

    someone over there probably knows - they've had this phone for longer
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  3. peepay

    peepay Newbie

    This one is not present in European version. I've had my Sensation since last week, but this wallpaper is not present, I think it's T-Mobile USA version's specific. It's a pity though, I like it and I wish I could have it.
  4. SDscorch

    SDscorch Android Enthusiast

    hmmm.. surely SOMEbody has that file?!?
  5. peepay

    peepay Newbie

    Message for that SOMEbody: Please post it here :)
  6. nardva

    nardva Member

    This wallpaper only comes with T-mobile Sensation 4G. I was looking for it and found it.

    Pyramid_Sensation_WP_1080x960.jpg - 0.26MB

    This wallpaper is 1080x960 instead of the normal 960x800 which is the standard size wallpaper for phones with a 480x800 resolution screen.
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  7. SDscorch

    SDscorch Android Enthusiast


    thanks nardva!
  8. peepay

    peepay Newbie

    Thank you so much!
  9. cezarslice

    cezarslice Lurker

    Can someone post the wallpaper as an image and not a download cus when I try to download it on my phone and go into the gallery, the image doesn't show up.
  10. reddshift69

    reddshift69 Newbie

    It comes stock with the phone. To access it, go to personalize... wallpaper.... HTC Wallpapers and scroll through the options till you locate it.

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