HTC Sensation XE and Launcher problem

Dear all, I have HTC Sensation XE.
I installed GO Launcher but it slow downed my phone's speed, also it started hanging. Then i uninstalled it and installed Apex but again, it slow down my phone and it started hanging, then i uninstalled it and then installed Nova launcher but the problem was again there, so, i have to uninstalled it :(
Just want to know that what is wrong with my phone and launchers? And also, which launcher will be compatible with my phone. It is my first smart phone and I don't have much experience with Android.


Extreme Android User
That phone should be able to handle any of those launchers without a problem. (My little Precedent - less than half of what your phone can do - ran Go for almost all its life.)

You could be running too many non-swappable programs at once. Running an active program, like dialer, keeps it from being swapped out to make room for another program because doing that would cause a problem - in the case of the dialer you'd lose the phone call.

Or you could have a dozen widgets running, some of them either hogging resources or badly written, slowing the phone down. If that's the case, get them all off the screen.

Turn the phone off. Turn it back on and, before you run anything, check to see if the launcher is slow. (Open the apps drawer, slide from one homepage to another, etc.) If it's still slow, either you're loading too many unswappable programs on boot (which only happens if you set things up that way) or there's a problem with the phone.

But without having the phone in hand to diagnose it, all any of us here can do is make more or less educated guesses. A repair shop would be able to see if, for instance, the CPU is crawling, or if you have so much bad RAM that there's no room for programs (either of which would be covered under warranty).