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htc sensation xe crashes; improvements by ROMs?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DaemonB, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. DaemonB

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    hi everybody,

    i am new to this forum but i hope you can help me. i have the general problem that my htc crashes from time to time. so it turns off suddenly, even if it's only in my pocket and thus not really used. sometimes i can not even restart it. it crashes then again, directly after showing the htc image or after i've typed my pin.
    so i am really disappointed about this. my cellphone is now 2 years old. i had kind of the same issue earlier this year. at that time it did no longer react at the end. so i had to send it in and they replaced the motherboard. now it's no longer under warranty so i am afraid it will die soon, though i have the feeling the error is not exactly the same.
    my question is if this could also be a software issue and if yes, if you'd suggest to switch to a custom ROM. i also thaught about it because it's kind of really slow, not that i have thausands of apps or any fancy stuff on it. it just takes sometimes more than 20sec just to show my text messages or load whatsapp...



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