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HTC Sense 2.1 improvements with Gingerbread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Guamguy, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Guamguy

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    Since my Galaxy S2 took over for primary duties, my HTC Desire Z has been gathering dust and I lost track of the upgrade loop. Suddenly I decided to dust off the phone, charge it and power it up and lo and behold, a system update that brings it to Gingerbread.

    I discovered it is more than just an OS update, but HTC has seemingly rectified many of the complaints I have with the earlier HTC Sense, like those on the Droid Incredible's vintage.

    The Notification Curtain now has a tab, the second tab shows Quick Settings. It looks kinda ungainly but it is convenient.

    The Application Home Screen now has All, Frequent and Downloaded categories. This reminds me of Go Launcher.

    Instead of a continuous smooth scrolling, the application home screen now has indented scrolling. Neat effect.

    Editing, cut and paste functions seems to have been refined.

    HTC fixed their email app so now I can set up push Hotmail.

    The Facebook for HTC Sense is no longer exclusive. The original Facebook Sync can now work.

    IMAP/POP3 email accounts now have their own sync accounts in Accounts and Sync.

    Overall the UI seems snappier. It doesn't feel like you're chugging with only an 800MHz single core processor.

    It is a cool update, it definitely reaffirms my faith in HTC.

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