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HTC Sense Crashing on 2.1

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jhale83, May 28, 2010.

  1. jhale83

    jhale83 Member
    Thread Starter

    My HTC Sense keeps crashing and restarting. It usually happens at least once per day but often times more frequently. It seems if I completely restart the phone it won't crash for a day or two after but after that it returns to randomly crashing. It seems to happen most when I am in the browser or market and hit the Home button.

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  2. nick325i

    nick325i Android Enthusiast

    Please answer the following questions for me.

    Any third party widgets on your main home screen?

    Did you update to 2.1?

    If yes to previous did Sense start crashing immediately after update?

    Are you rooted?

    Is there a pattern like everytime you press home or just sometimes (browser and market only programs coming from to make it crash)?
  3. jhale83

    jhale83 Member
    Thread Starter

    The only 3rd party widget I have on my home screen is the Handcent widget.

    I updated from Fresh 2.0 to the official 2.1 ROM from Sprint.

    Not immediately, it's just kind of random.

    Not rooted now.

    No pattern, just sometimes.
  4. ag90fox

    ag90fox Lurker

    Yeah, i've got some intermittent crashes with 2.1, however I had as many or more with 1.5. I've got calwidget installed and at least 2.1 saves the configuration settings for my widget, whereas 1.5 reset them, so its an improvement for me!
  5. chawski

    chawski Android Enthusiast

    I havnt had that problem, but i try to restart my phone atleast once a day, usually when i go to bed, and if i dont need the phone as an alarm, i just turn it off for the night
  6. Dose

    Dose Member

    I have the same problem.... it just happens whenever...so frustrating that we waited for this update and its not stable... I wasn't in a rush for 2.1 I just wanted one that worked....it seems that everyone crying and complaining made them release an unpolished version.... I almost feel like they made it a lil unstable just so we would go buy the Evo.....fools we love new gadgets we were going to buy it anyway
  7. ShaqArif

    ShaqArif Lurker

    I'm having exactly the same issue as the OP - anybody have a solution???

    It's driving me crazy, as it happens several times a day, can take a minute or two in reloading sense.

    I have practically cleared my home screens of all widgets, deleted tons of apps, but it's still happening.

    Any suggestions/solutions would be much appreciated!!!


  8. Rube8514

    Rube8514 Well-Known Member

    same issue...i would say this happens 1-2 times a day. I will be on facebook or the internet or just wherever and when im done i will hit the home screen and BAM HTC screen and it takes a few minutes to reboot...any solutions?
  9. Joehunni

    Joehunni Android Expert

    A couple of things to try would be to go through the manage applications menu, find Htc Sense and clear all data and cache, and reboot. This might solve your issue, if not, a more drastic route would be a factory/hard reset.
  10. MahaloCat

    MahaloCat Android Expert

    Or Launcher Pro and your whole phone will work better......
  11. Lozer_Kid

    Lozer_Kid Android Enthusiast

    Mine was doing the same thing to the point that I almost couldn't use it... I ended up hard resetting my phone and it got fixed! =]

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