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HTC Sense Dashboard problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Kelvin28_yeung, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. Kelvin28_yeung

    Thread Starter

    Has anyone got the dashboard on htc sense to work yet? It doesn't work for me. When I start it it says that I must enable 'Phone searcher' under location, but it already is enabled. I've already tried stuff as reinstalling locations and turning phone searcher on and off, but it still says the same stuff. Anyone can help me?

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  2. dvhttn

    dvhttn Android Expert

    Do a search here for 'htc sense'. Noone can get it to work apart from the 'phone me' bit. Work in progress me-thinks. I'll just keep trying as some of the features are good, if/when they work!

  3. pugs28

    pugs28 Lurker

    I have the same problem , also have a problem with my text messages not syncing too ... anyone know how to fix text message issue?
  4. BrettH

    BrettH Lurker

    Cant get phone finder to work either. To note is that when i set up my account online and it sends an email for me to complete the registration, i get no email, ever. Tried about 10 times and no go..
  5. PriceA

    PriceA Lurker

    Hate to be a me tooer, but me too!

    Make Phone Ring works but nothing else, No Location, No Lock, Wipe might be working but I'm not trying that...my luck it would work!

    Sent a request via "contact us" waiting for 2nd reply, first one was no help.


    Update: 2nd Reply came back very prompt, All I have to do is uninstall every app I've downloaded, re install one at a time, then do a soft reset then do a HARD reset wipe the phone to factory settings and "see" if that fixes the problem. WTF?? Told them nicely NO way unless they can tell me how that could effect the Dashboard.
  6. willuk1987

    willuk1987 Lurker

    This does work i tryed it because i didnt really have much on my phone but i deleted my account of the htcsense website and then reset my phone like starting new and everything is working fine locking my phone, Ringing it, and its location on the map
  7. whiteknight

    whiteknight Lurker

    Sorry, cannot agree. Same as you willuk1987, with very little on the my Desire HD phone I did a factory reset, deleted htcsense.com account, re-registered and still the only working thing is ring, all the rest does not work. Anybody out there with lots of data on the phone considering "factory reset" option - DON'T!

    Why they release things half baked and create frustration like this is beyond me :mad:. Also far too fiddly as a phone, seriously considering going back to my iPhone. :cool:
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  8. dvhttn

    dvhttn Android Expert

    As I say above - search here and on xda-forums for issues and possible fixes.

    As for the text messages, one thing that I found after getting everything working was that any texts that had already got sent, but were still on my phone, did NOT show up. The only texts that do are ones sent/received AFTER I finally got htc-sense running. It sort of makes sense but I can see why people are complaining about not having existing texts show up. I mean, it can upload your contacts so why not texts?

    That's what I found anyway and, to be honest, it doesn't bother me one bit as 1) I normally have 'keep sent texts?' set to OFF and 2) I also delete any received texts after I've read them/dealt with them. Not into texting much me .... :D

  9. Denidoank

    Denidoank Lurker

    Finally after 3 hours struggling i can enable these HTC sense's dashboard, phone location and secure phone. What I did is reset my HD to factory set. I lost all my contact but I got back all previous installed application. At first the dashboard shown unknown location, somewhere at ocean, but after synchronize the HTC sense from my phone (to update the data i think), dashboard shows the exactly current location. I used GPS to locate my location so i had to get out from my room to bitter cold outside.
    I think the point is you have to properly set up initial setup, don't just skip it and jump to android market to install app. If you want to enable this function, do it on initial setup.
  10. PopTarantula

    PopTarantula Guest

    I have it fully operational now on both of my D.HD's.. & AFAIK, only HD & Z can use, because they are the only 2 models currently listed in Model option at sign-up on website - www.htcsense.com

    I'd also recommend getting current fix in Locations (My Location) before you start, although you can do this after & simply sync to update position.

    What worked for me:

    1. For best results, you should Create Account from your PC - IMPORTANT! DO NOT close this window when it sends you a Verification e.mail

    2. When Verification e.mail arrives, either click link in e.mail OR copy/paste into new tab/window - YOU MUST keep the original setup page unchanged

    3. When account verified, CLOSE this browser page & REFRESH original browser page - which should now change to show the I have signed in on my phone button

    4. Run through Setup on handset (All Apps - Setup)... activate Finder & Sign In at prompts

    5. NOW you can go back to the original setup page on your PC and complete setup by clicking the I have... etc button

    I think I had a lot of trouble because I first tried creating an account from a handset.
    Also, I tried using Verification browser page to complete setup, not the original sign-up page
    Neither methods worked for me but the method below was flawless both times.

    If you have any problems, start over by first Deleting Account from HTC website & Remove Account from Accounts & sync on handset, then follow as above.

    Good Luck & hope this helps someone. DHD is AWESOME-O!
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  11. sjd101

    sjd101 Lurker

  12. pandj

    pandj Newbie

    i have the same problem it tells me my phone is in the middle of the ocean , can do anything on sence ! when i called HTC they told me they working on the site having problems with the site !
  13. dvhttn

    dvhttn Android Expert

    That;s what they told me in an email too! Check my post above. There are plenty of threads about this. I had to delete the HTC SEnse account from my phone and re-install it. The make sure I got a GPS fix.

  14. beeble1983

    beeble1983 Lurker

    I hard reset my phone and deleted my account and started again and got it to work perfectly on my HD. When i logged back in i still didn't have location, but going into account settings on the website and back (seemed to update screen) and sync the htc sense on the phone the map appeared then after about 10 mins and had sync'd again i notice it had found my location

    I reset my account as per PopTarantula suggestions.

    To delete the account on the website go into the account settings on website and on the top right the words 'delete the account' are in red

    Also the warning about deleting info of your phone doesn't do anything.

    After reseting the phone im thinking it may not have been necessary so try just deleting your account and manually sync your phone a few times if loosing the data bothers you
  15. Klynx

    Klynx Lurker

    still doesn't work for me even though I've followed PopTarantula instructions. May i should hard reset as I am having ringer volume issues and HTC is suggesting I try hard resetting.

    Really disappointed the dashboard just wouldn't work.
  16. mycatalexis

    mycatalexis Lurker

    I had all of these problems starting with the message saying my location finder was disabled but it wasnt.. anyway I logged out of htc sense on m pc and logged in about 45 mins later to find a map came up and my phone image was smack in the middle of it in the ocean too saying location "unknown".. I rang HTC about this and the guy on the phone told me this has happened before to someone else and that while he was sitting on the same screen on his pc looking at the map it found his phone and updated his location screen.. And then the same thing happened to me I was wondering what to do next then it found my phone and I saw it on the map... I would say to the rest of you that it is a matter of time... no need for factory resetting simply wait for it... and it wasnt long for me... 90 mins later... and there it was. Wait and check it later even try leaving it on pc screen or check it the next day... just have a look now and then see if it has updated because I had all of these issues and didnt do anything but wait. BY the way my phone also rang when I selected on the pc for HTC sense to ring it while I was waiting for the phone to appear on some kind of map and I didnt try any of the other options because I didnt want to... I am positive people experiencing this same location problem will have the matter resolve itself pretty soon. If you are unsure about your settings then ring HTC customer service they were helpful to me. They didnt resolve it nor know why it wasnt showing me the phones location but they did go through my settings which were all as they should have been.. Like I said just wait for it to register and locate by itself maybe go watch a movie or something then check it.... MERRY CHRISTMAS
  17. fbrugmans

    fbrugmans Lurker

    I am waiting now for two months, but it still doesn't work!
    HTC wrote to me: "Due to server maintenance and performance issues, we were forced to temporarily limit some of the services offered by htcsense.com. Full functionality will return shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. We have noted your comments and suggestions. We understand the points that you have made and we are putting these forward to our development and update team. Please keep an eye on our website for any future updates or changes to this in the near future. Please note that we cannot confirm as of yet if we will go ahead with your ideas or not."
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  18. Waiguoren

    Waiguoren Lurker

    I recently read the replies here and followed the "guide" about factory resetting and setting up the sense account again (thanks for the info btw :))
    But I just wanted to say that it didn't work for me, which didn't matter because I didn't have that much on my phone. But if you have a lot on your phone it might not be worth resetting. ;)

    Thanks again though guys for the above methods.
  19. dilbo99

    dilbo99 Newbie

    This doesn't work for me also, i would do a full reset if i knew it work 100%, but think i will hang fire until HTC bring out an update or some news to say they have it fully functional as i don't fancy losing all my data and apps for it not to work still!
  20. PopTarantula

    PopTarantula Guest

    Like a fool, I did a reset on 1 handset and chose to re-register it to alternate e.mail address at same time.
    From that moment on, I no longer had the full Sense features on it, only Dashboard (Locator, Ring, Lock, etc..), which work just fine, BTW.
    HTC simply replied with a standard format e.mail = "Yes; Temporary issue; We're working on it"

    So while I do have Dashboard, Footprints, People, Messages & Hub on my other handset.. I should ideally have it on both.
    Their reply to fbrugmans is more info than they gave me.
    Hoping they get this sorted, but maybe they'll just pull the plug completely, instead <FROWN>

  21. Shonan

    Shonan Android Enthusiast

    i cant seem to find the HTC SENSE app or widget on my phone, can anyone tel me where it could be as iv hunted for ages but no luck, i can find where you sync it to htc but thats it,

    i jus checked the sense web site and it can now find my location and ring my phone but thats all i got at the moment, ( had my phone 5 days and it jus started working out the blue ) tho no footprints etc yet,
  22. pablo27

    pablo27 Newbie

    Have been trying to connect with Sense over this past week since my phone arrived. My phone number appears on the screen but none of the options work, plus my phone is not locatd. I am loathed to do a factory reset after managing my handset the way I want it.
    I guess I will just forget about this option until HTC improve it.
  23. Gardium

    Gardium Well-Known Member

    Yea, from what I understand, they got problems with their servers and had lag issues around October/Desember, so the first instructions to factory reset were a "desperate" attempt from HTC to fix it. However it didn't seem to fix the problem. Now HTC Sense is complete limited (except for a few lucky users that signed up early from what I gather), and we just have to sit patiently and wait for news. For now I'd say don't reset your phones. It don't seem to solve the problem for anyone since after New Year, and if it "did", it's just some functionality restored. But I'm hopeful that HTC will try to fix their problems quickly.
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  24. kestston

    kestston Lurker

    To all that htc sense is not working.

    Im from malta and my htc sense with my htc desire hd was totally a fail at the beginning. the ring thing only worked....

    I tryed my hard and finally it worked.

    1) i created a new account with another email.
    2) i removed the account from the phone and signed in with the new one.
    3) i performed dozens of sync for the htc sense
    4) refresh and singning out and in from htc sense website
    5) try different browsers ( just in case )

    Those were all the things ive performed, and finally got it working.altghough i dont know how this is usefull as htc sense works when you have internet connected on the phone , ' i think if someone steals ur phone, they take out the sim, so no more synced and the internet connection is out as your sim is changed..
  25. Zeppelin69

    Zeppelin69 Lurker

    Your Right!!!
    This whole HTC sense is a crap or crabs!! Is a marketing tactic. I was dupe by it thinking that "wow now I can really get my phone back and catch that phone thief"
    The fact that it's not. Once the sim card is remove how than the HTC sense server gonna track my phone. Hack it can't even ring it if you lose it somewhere in your house without the simcard inserted.
    Unless maybe if they tie it with the imei# on each phone and uses GPS to track it if the thief happens to on the GPS or wifi/3g network.
    Is that an idea or what? HTC!

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