May 5, 2010
Every time I try to go to something on the sense facebook app I get this error message.

"An error had occurred while fetching data. [102/Session key invalid or no longer valid]"

I deleted the sync account and added it back 3 times, and I still get the same thing. :thinking:

EDIT: Fixed. I guess the accounts and sync does not update the password on the htc facebook app too.
So were you able to reset the Facebook for HTC password? I changed my password while I was on my PC, and now I get the same error because the app doesn't know the new password. Is there a way to update my password info without deleting the account and adding it back?
I need some help!!! anyone out there want to help out a noob ?? I recently rooted my phone and I noticed that I had two facebook apps so I deleted one of them thinking that it was a waste of space. Well I realized that the app I deleted was the htc sense facebook apk. I have tried to download it back through certain links and my evo will not allow the installation. I have been trying to figured this out for weeks.... Can anyone help out a noob?? I would greatly appreciate it, Im freaking out Thank You!!!