HTC Sense Music App tips.


I have a iPod touch, and about 7gb worth of music stored on iTunes, which I transferred to my 16gb card on my Desire, I ran into two problems straight away, the Album art that iTunes had automatically added was missing, and with the latest version of iTunes, some of my ID3 tags seemed corrupt ( Track data not showing up correctly ).

How I fixed this :

First of all I downloaded mp3Tag a free nifty program which corrects the mp3 tags, and allso can add Album artwork from

Fire up the program and hook up your desire as a mounted drive.

Tell the program to look in your music folder on the memory card, it will then read in all your track data.

To fix tag data just highlight the affected songs / album and right click and choose save.

To download album artwork, highlight the whole album and click the Covert (Quick) button at the top, 90% of the time it will give you want, if not, click back and alter search string.

Once you've downloaded and fixed all the artwork, and corrected the Tag data that was wrong, unhook the phone then go into Settings -> Manage Applications -> Media Storage and choose clear data, this will wipe the media library database from the phone.

Now power off and switch the phone back on, go into the Music app or Photo's and Videos and the music library will rebuild ..... this can take a long time, be patient :)

And there you are .... all your flashy album art and track data is fixed.


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Ohh a added extra, If the music files you're editing allready have a entry in the media database on your phone, it will not be updated, even if you delete and re-add the file, it will require a database wipe and restart.


bro, how to resolve the unknown Genre problem for the htc sense player?

all my music files have been corrected with mp3tag, id2.3 with UTF16. although the names, albums, and track are correct, the genre still remains as "unknown". this is a problem when i try to create playlist on phone.
I have used the stock player, wikiplayer and now the paid version of MixZing (which i am currently using) and still the genres are not recognised grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

I've used every program ITunes, mediamonkey and mp3tag yet still the genres do not show up, i am hopeing that someone either has a fix for it or the next firmware update will fix this issue as i love my Desire and this is the only thing that is stopping the phone from being perfect.....................someone out there please hear my cries and fix this issue!!!!!


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The genre bug is a known bug at this point. Still no word whether google will fix it. I got around the genre bug by switching all my tags to version ID3v1 and wiped all the ID3v2.X from the files and now all genres show up correctly. This can be done with Media Monkey quite easily.

There is another thread here about it in which it's described how to fix this line by line. I also put up step by steps on the google forums.



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If you go into mp3Tag's options you can restrict it to ID3v1 output I believe. So you should just be then able to highlight all you're m4a's and choose save and it should convert them.

Rebuild media library and see what happens, I haven't tried this my self ... usually just choose tracks by Album.
Right i read all the info people have posted on this forum and many others to fix this issue, i trundled off home to use MP3Tag to change my library of MP3's to the IDV3v1 format but i thought i know i'll try it out on one album first........

Oh my God it wipes the whole track info and you have to sit there and pain stackeingly enter it all in again as the auto info is always wrong or more than likely spelt incorrectly!!!!

Luckily i tested this on a single album and not my 80GB's of music i have because i would have been a little annoyed about having to enter this all back in.

I am praying to every God i know now that either HTC or Android fix this issue in the next firmware or software update........whenever that is.

Also this is not a rant at any advice as i appreciate every bit of advice i read on here, it's just a rant really at HTC as i love my Desire and i want it to be perfect (sniff), is that too much to ask???!?!?!?!?


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That's why I suggested using MM, it will synchronize all versions of tags. Then you can wipe out just one version of the tags.

No loss except for titles that are over 30 characters, which will get cropped.