Oct 23, 2010
As above HTC sense is not finding my phone since the update just wondered if it was just me or anyone else is having this problem until now it has worked every time I have tried it .
I haven't been able to log in with my main account for ages! It just loads and loads and loads... Recently, I made a new reg with a different email, but all I get is the typical phone finder and the ringing thing.
I've just tried and (I've got gingerbread btw) my latest messages and missed calls appear, and the phone turned the GPS on automatically, but didn't seem to be trying to find my location (the little GPS symbol didn't appear at the top).

Also, lock phone isn't working and "Ring" reports "Unable to connect to your phone to make it ring."

EDIT: Correction, lock does work, but takes a few minutes
Double Correction. Everything is working perfectly.

I (signed out of and back in) connected to WiFi, and sat with the screen turned on, and it picked up my location, made the phone ring, and locked it
I have got It working now thank-you people had to remove the sence account from my phone and add it agaagain its now working finds my phone and locks it . Thanks for your replys update must have upset it some how .
Hi guys has anyone got sense .com working fully on there desier hd . since up date cant even log in to account driving me mad any news or help please thanks
Mine is working properly now can you log in on a pc if so then go to sync remove the sence acount account . Then if you tap on it it should let you re enter your log in and password and it sould work . That's what I did and its working fine for me now .
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hi, im having the same trouble. i cant login to sense from the pc, if i request a new password and answer the security question i can use the new password to login. if i then sign out and wait about an hour it will tell me login failed again if i try and log back in. so i have to request a new password again to login.
obviously i have double and tripple checked that i entered the corret password, and the site doesnt tell me i entered a wrong password it either sits there with the little spinning logo next to the sign in button or says login failed. anyone else having simmilar issues?
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Curiously & probably unrelated to each other, I mega-bitched to HTC CustServ about the lack of communication from the 'department handling HTCsense issues' they passed my details to.. then 3 hrs after their reply, found I could login with the 1st if 5 new accounts they made me create while diagnosing & troubleshooting when NONsense stopped working for me, back in Dec '10.

2 days after ( & some 10 days down the line now ) its been offline for 'maintenance'.. but for those 2 days I had it all......