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HTC sense SD card not being read...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by champpp, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. champpp

    champpp Lurker
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    Hello Everyone,

    Great site! I have a problem. Yesterday I downloaded a game on my phone, the game was pretty annoying it was popping up on my phone every time I exited it. Anyway, I uninstalled the game and all of the sudden my SD card can not be read in my phone. So, I did the basic thing I removed it then put it back in and it said - Preparing SD card then two seconds later removed SD card. Can someone please help me and explain why this is happening and what I should do?

    Thanks a lot!

    PS someone told me to Boot my phone into recovery mode and root it. I haven't done this yet bec I am not sure what it will do.

  2. champpp

    champpp Lurker
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    Thanks guys but I figured it out myself. I plugged the sd card into my computer and the sd card had a virus on it. So, I backed up all my files and formatted the card. The virus didn't allow me to format so I downloaded a program (SDFormatter) and formatted it through there. Once that was done I moved all the files back to the card and WALLAA it worked. Take care.

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