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HTC service for the htc tattoo

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by ste1604, Aug 12, 2010.

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    ive recently mailed HTC saying the following:::

    i have a htc tattoo, and to be fair i am quite disgusted with the service from this phone, when i recieved it, it only had 150MB of space on the phones internal memory,
    with hundreds of free apps to download, there is no way they would fit in that small memory,

    even with the choice of having a memory card, you cant instsall apps to it,

    it should be enabled to save apps on the memory card in htc tattoo. as the htc tattoo phone memory isnt enough and the htc tattoo can take up to 32GB of space from memory cards.

    there are hundreds of people complaining about this because the phones memory is too low, people want apps on memory card.

    people also would like to know what HTC is going to do about this,

    also there is the questioning about the upgrade in firmware for htc tattoo, its been given 1.6, while other phones are receiving there updates what is going on with the htc tattoo's update.

    for months now people have been told the same thing over and over again, that HTC is working hard for the customer needs and so on.
    its been left that long that people are actually starting to not like htc because of this service, so people are porting firmwares from other devices to work on the HTC tattoo, so if an average person can port a different firmware from a total different phone in a few days than why has it took HTC this long, and still no update?.

    i am waiting for a email back from htc, when i get one back i will post there reply on here

  2. That 150mb limitation is a limitation of older versions of Android 1.5-2.1 in Android 2.2 you will be able to install apps on the sd card but apps have to support this feature. In old Android your limited to internal memory where the operating is stored so you usually don't get very much storage for apps. Got it?

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