HTC Supplementals



I live in Hong Kong and I've searched high and low here as well as the Economic zone (Shenzhen) just across the border in Mainland China for some doodads for my HTC Desire and the only thing I've found were...........batteries and a battery charger that seemed universal (not made specifically for the HTC).

It seems the 2nd and 3rd hand manufactures have gone bananas over making all kinds of goodies for the iPhone like cases, earphones, chargers, speakers etc etc, yet almost zilch for the HTC and let's face it, HTC IS the #1 challenger to the iPhone.

Just wish I had the now-how and I'd do this myself.

Lastly, why did the HTC Desire NOT come with a battery charger like a lot of phones do??


Android Expert
Mine came with a phone charger (that's a USB data cable also) and also a car phone charger.

Can't help with the question though.


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Check out ebay as there are many things now being made specifically for the desire. Here in the uk it seems that much of it comes from hong kong so I'm not sure why you are having such difficulty.