Help HTC Sync unmounted my SD Card


Hi folks,

I'm using an HTC Desire on Froyo and version 3.0.5422 of HTC Sync.

It all installed fine, I connected by USB, and selected HTC Sync as the connection on my phone.

Then I went to sync an iTunes playlist onto my 32gb Kingston SD Card.

It started then an 'Unknown Error' occurred.

My SD Card was then unmounted in the phone, with a notification at the top. I rebooted the phone, and it was still unmounted. So I popped the cover, took out battery and card and tried again. No luck.

Then I went into settings and tried to Mount from there, no luck.

So it remains unmounted and the phone won't sync as it thinks there is no card present.

Any ideas?
How many free space does your card have?
Try having the connection type default to Disk Drive. Turn off the phone, then turn it on while connected to your PC. Then check for errors (Error-checking of windows 7, I think...)


g'day, my htc desire with froyo did the same thing when htcsync updated, the message that i get coming up

"You connected a device with no storage card. A storage card is required to sync media content and documents.
click ok to sync applications and other information to this device."

i tried formatting my 32GB sd card, but this didn't work, i also tried using the original 2GB card that came with the phone, but got the same error message.

any suggestions?

**EDIT - my htcsync version is 3.0.5481**


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Don't use HTC Sync, just mount it as a removable drive and copy what you want across?

(I do this using WiFi and Estrong's File manager, don't even need to plug in the phone.)