HTC Thunderbolt -rooted


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This is a long story made short.

I had an HTC Incredible I wanted to trade/sell for a Thunderbolt.

I bought a Thunderbolt off ebay and tried to sell my Incredible.

I had a friend that NEEDED a 3G phone so I gave him my Incredible and he gave me a rooted Thunderbolt (and yes, he took the loss).

So now after 1 week+ of this whole thing, I have a Thunderbolt and would like to sell the SECOND Thunderbolt. No box but it does have the wall charger/USB, 1 screen protector with a 16GB sd card (NOT 32) and a cloth.

Thats it. Theres absolutely no scratches, dings, dents. Its basically brand new.

$400 w/shipping.