HTC to hold NYC press event on September 20th; new devices in store?

It says "Celebrate in Style", my money is on the Bliss (unfortunately). The phone targeted towards women. As soon as I saw the invitation, that is my gut feeling. Hopefully I am wrong.

I think it will be multiple devices they showcase. This isn't apple usually when they hold an event they show multiple devices off.


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Not anything going on in this forum in a few days. Hopefully we'll hear something official tomorrow!

I've been checking this site like a madman and have been surprised with how few new posts there has been. I'm hoping tomorrow changes all that. This phone whore needs his fix. :)


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Being blogged live here: We're live from HTC's 'celebrate in style' event!

Can only imagine what will be announced based on this pic of the event....sheesh.


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From the event...

10:05AM: We started from scratch. The phone. The homescreen. The experience. Here's the result, the HTC Rhyme.

Soooo...move along, nothing to see here Vigor/Dinc HD related, unfortunately. Unless they have a revealing Q&A afterwards.


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Seems somewhat of a waste, considering that no PR on the Vigor/Incredible HD as of yet....and this phone will have sold more handsets in 2 weeks, than the Rhyme will in 6 weeks.


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Argh, I want a release date! Sprint just released me from my contract so this would be the perfect next phone.