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HTC TP2 1500 Battery and My Thoughts

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mastermind47, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Mastermind47

    Mastermind47 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I recently received an OEM HTC TP2 1500 battery from Bidallies.

    I was drawn to it by the flocks of people who have reported significant improvements in battery life from this battery. I also read of some people who have reported the same life from the 1500 as they have gotten from the factory battery. I have assumed they were simply trying to spoil the good news. However, I think I may be experiencing what they're saying.

    With the 1500, I have seen my battery life falling into the 80% range within an hour, which isn't too different from what the 1300 was doing. With my 1300 I typically got about 12 hours of battery life, before the battery would start chiming. I am seeing similar numbers from the 1500. I have only given the new battery 1 full charge and about 3 partial charges. I am holding out hope that things will improve as the phone becomes accostomed to the newer high cap battery.

    Once I was able to get around 24 hours with my 1300 battery, I don't know how I was able to do it, and I haven't gotten close to it with either the 1300 or 1500. However, I am committed to only using the 1500 battery in my phone and giving the device ample time to get acclimated to it.

    On a sidenote, I'm beginning to think battery left is garbage. With my 1300 on a full charge, it always shows 10:54 battery time left. Each time, I easily get more than that. Yet the meter gauge claims to be accurate...

    I look forward to hearing from others who have gotten the 1500, the 1750, and similar slim batteries. Does it take some time to see the increase in performance?



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  2. kborer22

    kborer22 Member

    for me the same battery was working well for a little over a month, then all of the sudden dropped and the battery only lasted 2 hours. So i switched back to my stock battery for a few days. I contacted the seller and he agreed to send me another battery. For kicks i decided to charge it up fully one last time with the phone off, and now the battery appears to be good to go. I have been averaging around 18 ish hours, usually 15 min of phone calls, a bunch of text messages, some internet browsing, and probably an hour of gaming.

    I am still on the fence if i'm going to send the battery back, give it a few more days i suppose. The battery is offering more life than my stock battery, so i'll stick with it.
  3. sabrewings

    sabrewings Android Expert

    You have to recalibrate now that you have a higher capacity battery.

    I also hope you're not relying on battery left's "estimated %" for your info since it is all based off calibrations. You should be using the "system %" since it is calibrated to a smaller capacity battery.

    I use the Battery Widget by HTC in the market. Simple, effective, and reads the system %. I don't need a widget to calculate for me how long I have. I can do that on my own.
  4. kborer22

    kborer22 Member

    also good to remember to be consistent with your charging. So if you have been "bump" charging (charging your phone, while on, until the green light comes on, then turning your phone off and charging again until the green light comes on) some times and not others that will probably take 1-2 hrs off of your battery life. Just changing something like how you charge the phone will affect the accuracy of battery left.

    I have also tried using juice defender after hearing some amazing things from people, the free version mind you. It did not do much for me, maybe added an hour but it was claiming like 40. When i have some extra cash i may try the paid version
  5. DavidinGA

    DavidinGA Well-Known Member

    My Bidallies 1500mAh battery day in and day out obliterates my old battery times with the 1300mAh. I get a solid extra 2 hours or more out of it compared to the original 1300mAh; this is after a month of use...
  6. Mastermind47

    Mastermind47 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I was referring to how battery left rated the 1300...I'm aware that it needs to calibrate to the 1500.
  7. volcom1216

    volcom1216 Member

    I'm with him. I used to whine and not want to open apps with the 1300 batt. Now with the 1500, I don't care, my battery can last me throughout the day.

    I still have my Storm 2 on BES, and I do not miss it at all. I used to when the battery life seemed crappy on the Incredible. I am ready to turn off the Storm 2 and just stick with my Incredible with Touchdown.
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  8. IceageComing

    IceageComing Lurker

    I just got my Bidallies 1500 in the mail today. What is the best course of action? Charge it with the phone off until it turns green? Charge a full 8 hours? Does it matter at all?
  9. sabrewings

    sabrewings Android Expert

    Doesn't matter. It'll have a half charge. You can just slap it in and use normally.
  10. IceageComing

    IceageComing Lurker

    It won't mess with the "calibration" or anything? Should I let it die down first? I just don't want to screw up this battery. Sorry for all the questions.
  11. sabrewings

    sabrewings Android Expert

    It will calibrate as you use it. Just don't freak if you don't see the "life" you're expecting the first charge. That is not an issue with the battery and is simply it calibrating itself. No special steps need be taken.
  12. SeattleYanksFan

    SeattleYanksFan Android Expert

    Does anyone's 1500 not allow the back cover to fit perfectly as with stock? I have a slight opening on one side I can't get rid of and it has caused me to revert back to stock. Would love to know if anyone found a way to fix this.
  13. elwray

    elwray Android Enthusiast

    Is anyone else eBay illiterate? I can't find this Bidallies store ... I'd really appreciate a link.... :)
  14. sabrewings

    sabrewings Android Expert

    Mine just came in today. Time to give it a whirl.
  15. tifozi

    tifozi Newbie

    Just got mine and am in a similar boat. Just try to realign and try a few times. Will wait for some expert advice but not sure ..
  16. jbdan

    jbdan Extreme Android User

    I got mine a week ago and it gives me better usage than my 1750 seidio which I gave to my wife and her Eris. At least another couple of hours with my usage. After a couple months with the 1750 it barely lasted as long as the stock 1300 which I still have. I'm impressed with the bidallies and it's dirt cheap!!

    For those of you having trouble fitting the back on, they do sometimes quick test a phone battery by laying it on a flat surface if it is warped it is said to be bad. Could this be what you are seeing? Mine fits snug as a bug (a little snugger than the 1300 and 1750 which I like) no gaps at all.
  17. sabrewings

    sabrewings Android Expert

    So far so good today. After like a half hour of online video from Steam, an hour of Pandora, a call, texts, emails, and about 5 hours of up time I'm still at 80%.
  18. ac2basis

    ac2basis Member

    So is this battery recommended over the Seido 1750? Stock battery gets me through most days but would like to have the extra juice for really long days/heavy usage.
  19. sabrewings

    sabrewings Android Expert

    For the price, it's great.
  20. ryanhokie2001

    ryanhokie2001 Lurker

    I purchased this battery on ebay from bidallies for only $15 after seeing all of the recommendations on this site...have to say it has lived up to its billing. At the end of a normal work day my stock battery would be pretty much dead (15% or less...EPIC FAIL!!!!) after a day of heavy use (Internet, phone calls, texts, gmail, facebook, gaming) while this battery is right around 50% after the same usage. I'm not sure if my stock battery just sucked worse than others have reported or if this one is that much better. I didn't really have any issues with not being able to put the battery cover\back of the phone back on since it is a little bigger, but if you look really close you can see a very slight gap where it clips in, but the cover did "click in" on all sides of the phone with the new battery and it has been secure thus far. I am happy with it since I didn't want to buy the huge extended battery from Verizon and feel like i was carrying around a brick in my pocket. Hope this helps!
  21. ac2basis

    ac2basis Member

    Thanks for the responses guys. Seems like for the money this is the best deal out there. I'm gonna pull the trigger and get one for my vacation this weekend. Much appreciated!
  22. Mastermind47

    Mastermind47 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    This morning after having my phone unplugged for a few hours, idling, my battery was at 92 percent or so. I was happy for this. I think I can tell an improvement when its idling, but under heavy use it seems to burn off much like th factory battery.

    I just can't see how you're getting a days worth of heavy usage from this battery AND still have 50% left. What are your settings like.

    I did zero web browsing, but had some Bluetooth calls, and was connected to 3G, and at the end of my 10 hour day, my battery was showing under 18%. I had about 14 relatively tame hours under my belt.

    I've had my stock battery yield similar times.
  23. ryanhokie2001

    ryanhokie2001 Lurker

    With the new battery it goes down to around 50% almost but not quite as fast as the old battery, but the difference to me is it stays around there much longer than my stock battery and doesn't continue the plummet to 15% or less. Like I said, my stock battery seemed much worse than even what others have reported, so maybe I got lucky and this battery is better than yours? A guy in my office has an Incredible with the stock battery and he got much better battery life than I did with the original, so it seems that some batteries are better than others? During the day I have wifi/bluetooth/gps all turned off and just rely on 3G in my office for web.
  24. sabrewings

    sabrewings Android Expert

    I get 24 hours-ish from unplug to needing to be plugged up again with the HTC 1500mAh.

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