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General Htc twitter

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by T2noob, Apr 26, 2010.

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    Jan 16, 2010

    Jan 16, 2010
    Southern Californina
    Hi guys were trying to get HTC's attention on Twitter.
    If you have a twitter account please retweet this.
    Code (Text):
    1. #htc Likes to violate the GPLv2 license, and not release kernel source code. Tell them what you think of this ! http://pastebin.org/183177
    And feel free to email the people in the link. :D
    Code (Text):
    1. HTC is violating the GPLv2 License by not releasing the linux kernel source code for multiple devices, including the HTC Desire, Legend and Incredible. Please let them know what you think.
    3. Mark_Baker@htc.com, Aj_Baustista@htc.com, Philip_Blair@htc.com, Lotus_Chan@htc.com, Yan-Cheng_Chang@htc.com, Kevin_Chen@htc.com, Maggie_Cheng@htc.com, Sanjay_Chetwani@htc.com, Peter_Chiang@htc.com, HT_Cho@htc.com , Peter_Chou@htc.com, Shelley_Davis@htc.com, Peter_Frolund@htc.com, Martin_Fichter@htc.com, Hillary_Fitzpatrick@htc.com, Daniele_Grandis@htc.com, Jason_Gordon@htc.com, Sandy_Hendrick@htc.com, William_Huang@htc.com, Ashley_Johnson@htc.com, David_Kou@htc.com, Waiman_Lam@htc.com, Cheryl_Lee@htc.com , Sally_Lee@htc.com, Aimee_Leiva@htc.com, Hsiao_Lim@htc.com, James_Lin@htc.com, Fred_Liu@htc.com, Jocelyn_Liu@htc.com, Christopher_Llewellyn@htc.com, Horace_Luke@htc.com, Jason_Mackenzie@htc.com, Allyson_manning@htc.com, Raj_Malhotra@@htc.com, Vladimir_Malugin@htc.com, Jon_Maron@htc.com, Christian_Muller@htc.com, Fernanda_Nakazato@htc.com, Tername_Nicolas@htc.com, Keith_Nowak@htc.com, John_Polidori@htc.com, Oliver_Schulte@htc.com, Florian_Seiche@htc.com , Wyatt_Whaley@htc.com, Brandon_Stevens@htc.com, Chris_Stovall@htc.com, Diane_Studman@htc.com, Frederic_Tassy@htc.com, Benita_Tiongson@htc.com, Richard_Tseng@htc.com, Kh_Tung@htc.com, Cher_Wang@htc.com, John_Wang@htc.com, Ruben_Weenink@htc.com, Lars_Weisswange@htc.com, Wyatt_Whaley@htc.com,
    6. Mark_Baker@htc.com  http://twitter.com/Mnbumper Senior Director Enterprise Business Unit Americas
    7. Aj_Baustista@htc.com        Sr Manager Product Communicatiosn
    8. Philip_Blair@htc.com        Product Director HTC Europe Co. Ltd.
    9. Lotus_Chan@htc.com      VP HTC
    10. Yan-Cheng_Chang@htc.com    
    11. Kevin_Chen@htc.com      Executive Director HTC EMEA Channel
    12. Maggie_Cheng@htc.com        Public Relations
    13. Sanjay_Chetwani@htc.com     USA Sales Team
    14. Peter_Chiang@htc.com        Account Director HTC Europe Co. Ltd.
    15. HT_Cho@htc.com      Board Member of HTC
    16. Peter_Chou@htc.com      CEO
    17. Shelley_Davis@htc.com       USA Sales Team
    18. Peter_Frolund@htc.com       Account Director HTC Europe Co. Ltd.
    19. Martin_Fichter@htc.com  http://twitter.com/mfichter
    20. Hillary_Fitzpatrick@htc.com http://twitter.com/hillarysf   
    21. Daniele_Grandis@htc.com     Country Manager, Italy HTC Europe Co. Ltd.
    22. Jason_Gordon@htc.com    http://twitter.com/jasongordonhk    Public Relations
    24. Sandy_Hendrick@htc.com      HTC Research - Marketing Supervisor
    25. William_Huang@htc.com       Product Marketing Division
    26. Ashley_Johnson@htc.com  http://twitter.com/AshleyCJohnson  
    27. David_Kou@htc.com       Business Development CDMA
    28. Waiman_Lam@htc.com      Controller
    29. Cheryl_Lee@htc.com      HRD Dept
    30. Sally_Lee@htc.com       Senior Manager
    31. Aimee_Leiva@htc.com     HTC Research - Asst Vet Tech
    32. Hsiao_Lim@htc.com       Director of Engineering
    33. James_Lin@htc.com       Innovative Technologies Conductor at HTC smart mobility
    34. Fred_Liu@htc.com         COO of HTC
    35. Jocelyn_Liu@htc.com     EU Service team
    36. Christopher_Llewellyn@htc.com       EU Service team
    37. Horace_Luke@htc.com     Chief Innovation Officer
    38. Jason_Mackenzie@htc.com http://twitter.com/jasonmachtc  VP Sales and Marketing
    39. Allyson_manning@htc.com     Bellvue WA Phone Operator
    40. Raj_Malhotra@@htc.com       Sr Manager Operations
    41. Vladimir_Malugin@htc.com        EMEA Marketing Director
    42. Jon_Maron@htc.com   http://twitter.com/jmaronny Vice President of Marketing, North America
    43. Christian_Muller@htc.com        Executive Director
    44. Fernanda_Nakazato@htc.com       Marketing Manager For Latin America
    45. Tername_Nicolas@htc.com     HTC Research - Regional Director
    46. Keith_Nowak@htc.com http://twitter.com/KeithNowak   Senior Public Relations Manager at HTC
    47. John_Polidori@htc.com       Global Accounts Manager
    48. Oliver_Schulte@htc.com      Finance Director HTC Europe Co. Ltd.
    49. Florian_Seiche@htc.com      Vice President of HTC Europe
    50. Wyatt_Whaley@htc.com        Executive Director National Accounts
    51. Brandon_Stevens@htc.com     HTC Research - Retained Search Consultant
    52. Chris_Stovall@htc.com       Executive Director National Accounts
    53. Diane_Studman@htc.com       Head of European Marketing HTC Europe Co. Ltd.
    54. Frederic_Tassy@htc.com      Account Director HTC Europe Co. Ltd.
    55. Benita_Tiongson@htc.com     USA Service Team
    56. Richard_Tseng@htc.com       HTC Research - Senior Manager
    57. Kh_Tung@htc.com     VP HTC
    58. Cher_Wang@htc.com       Chairman
    59. John_Wang@htc.com       Chief Marketing Officer, HTC Corporation
    60. Ruben_Weenink@htc.com       Channel Manager Benelux
    61. Lars_Weisswange@htc.com     Account Director HTC Europe Co. Ltd.
    62. Wyatt_Whaley@htc.com        Executive Director National Accounts


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