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HTC U play battery drain

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Ms moo, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Ms moo

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    My battery hits 50% and then it drains completely. You can see the drop in the attached picture, all I do it's activate the screen and then boom it dies . I'm about 5 months away from an upgrade, is this done on purpose to make you upgrade?

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  2. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
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    No. My last HTC lasted 4.5 years without anything like this happening, and my wife's HTC 10 is a year older than your phone without problems. Of course battery longevity depends on usage, and like any manufactured component you will get some sample variation, but no, there is no evil plan to force people to upgrade early.

    To be honest it might just be a bad calibration: your screenshot shows it doing it once, but then going much lower than that without dropping in the same way. I don't normally recommend using a phone until it runs flat (doing that regularly is bad for the battery), but if it does run until the phone shuts down try leaving it turned off and charging it fully: charging through a complete cycle may help the calibration.
  3. TheMostFrench

    TheMostFrench Lurker

    I came here from a google search with the same problem. I have had this phone for about 21 months. It will drain to about 50% remaining, then you can literally watch it drop down by 10 or 15 percent at a time until the phone switches itself off.

    It is very inconsistent, sometimes I have it sitting in my pocket all day and literally haven't looked at since taking it off charge that morning and it will die suddenly like I described above, but other times I can be using it constantly for several hours and it will slowly drain in a reasonable way based on usage. I have investigated my apps to ensure they are not running in the background and made sure to only activate gps, wifi and mobile data when I am using them, but it still happens.

    What's weird is sometimes I plug it in, and the screen shows that the battery still has about 50% charge, even though I just watched it drop to 0%

    These two images are from different days:
    I took the left image as it was dropping down, it went to 0% soon after.
    The right image shows that it dropped off entirely without warning.

    It's as if the battery charge isn't being tracked while the screen is off, even though it's still draining. Then when you turn it on, it updates it to reveal that it is very close to dead.

    One suggestion I've read is that the phone uses more power to maintain a connection at low signal strength. You can see that power drops off hard when the cellular network signal gets in the red, so this might be part of the problem. In the right hand image you can see the signal has been in the red for some time, and then when the screen briefly comes on, the phone dies.

    [​IMG] [​IMG].
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  4. Hadron

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    The image isn't showing, so I can't see how bad it is. But while it is true that a phone uses more power when the signal is weak it's not a catastrophic thing: it will run down in hours, not minutes.

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