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HTC wildfire internal memory probs

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by GroovyClare, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. GroovyClare

    GroovyClare Lurker
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    I've come across other posts that have similar difficulties as I do, but I'd like to get some advice for my perspective please!

    Since I've had my phone I've had constant internal memory problems which are so frustrating because I can't use the 2 apps I really love using my phone for - Dropbox and Yahoo mail, but because they can not be moved to sd card I have had to delete them in order to free up internal memory space.

    I frequently delete Caches, browser history, restart phone etc in order to get some use out of at least yahoo, but mail generally tends not to get downloaded if the internal memory is low so some days having yahoo app is useless!

    After having a recent clear out, I still have only 15mb approx of internal memory, and at this stage I only have the yahoo mail app on.

    Question is, how can I get more internal memory? would love to have enough so I could have dropbox on too! Thanks.

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  2. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Android Enthusiast

    Lack of internal memory is a common problem with people who are "unrooted" i.e. a phone that hasnt been hacked. You can root your device but it will take quite some time and there is a risk of ruining your phone to the extent that it becomes as useful as a brick and you will 100% void your warranty (which shouldnt be a problem if it's already expired)

    # Why do you have the yahoo mail app? Setting your email with HTC's default email app should be fine (unless you dont like it, then fair enough).
    # Have you tried to delete the data of apps you dont use? Most HTC phones come pre-packed with bloatware - apps you wont ever use. So open us "My applications", and on the tab where you can view all your current apps, select and delete the data from apps you dont use.
    # Do you actually use all your apps? If not some of them need to be deleted

    http://androidforums.com/wildfire-s.../384695-how-can-i-free-up-space-wildfire.html <- Use this thread, it may help
  3. cdelite

    cdelite Lurker

    Another thing I do to conserve memory is to not accept app updates unless absolutely critical.

    Prior to adopting this policy, I did a factory-reset so I could start with a clean slate. So far, so good.

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