Htc wildfire outgoing calls ended immediately


sorry if i am posting in the wrong thread, sorry if this has been covered before.
i bought a second hand HTC wildfire from a friend and whenever i try make a call on it "call ended" is immediately what comes up, despite having full signal.
i am using a t mobile sim and it works fine in my local area and fine if i put it in another phone. i have tried soft resetting and factory settings reset and i have literally been looking for a fix on the internet all day and none have worked. i have tried changing network settings to gsm only aswell. i think im also not recieving texts because when i put the sim in another phone i was immediately met with an incoming text.
thanks for any help, i really cant figure this one out :(


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Hi idamms, Welcome to the Forums, Lets move this thread over to the Wildfire group, great people in here. Lots of help.