htc wildfire s headphone fault

I joined this forum because i have a htc wildfire s. I really like the phone i had a magic before that, not very fast but I liked the size hence upgraded to the wildfire. but then i started to use the headphones but they kept disconnecting every time I put the phone in my pocket or move the cable slightly. I am on contract with vodafone, I had to send it back to the repair because i had over a week. When i got it back it came with a letter saying they had updated the software and fix any other faults I'd reported. I tried the headphones when i got to work but still the same fault as soon as I put it in my pocket. There is lots of other posts about this so it must be a major fault with the phone. As of yet I don't know what I'm going to do because vodafone's customer service is about useful as smashing my phone againsts a wall


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Welcome to Android Forums, Andy.

Sorry to hear that you're finding listening to music on the Wildfire S a frustrating experience. HTC is usually pretty good about responding to design problems, so I'd be surprised to find that there is one they are ignoring. I would look at a couple of culprits for headphone problems. The first of which would be the headphones themselves. If you are not using the headphones that came with the phone, try the HTC set and see if they exhibit the same symptoms. I have a favorite set of headphones from Sony that I use with many of my audio devices and some of them are problematic connecting.

I'd also look to see if the music continues to play on the phone even though you can't hear it. That would be symptomatic of bad wires and not the socket. If the music pauses on the phone, it might be the jack itself.