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HTC Wildfire Screen Repair Guide

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by repairsuniverse, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. repairsuniverse

    repairsuniverse Android Enthusiast
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    This written repair guide shows how to take apart and disassemble your HTC Wildfire cell phone. It will go through the steps needed to rapidly and securely open your phone and replace a damaged touch screen or LCD part.

    This guide will help you to install the following HTC Wildfire replacement parts:
    • HTC Wildfire Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement
    • HTC Wildfire LCD Screen Replacement
    • and other HTC Wildfire Replacement Parts

    Tools Required:
    • Safe Open Pry Tool
    • Small Phillips Screwdriver
    • Torx T5 Screwdriver
    • Adhesive Strips ( For Touch Screen Digitizer)
    • Heat Gun/Hair Dryer

    HTC Wildfire Take Apart Repair Guide:
    • First step is to remove the back battery cover, battery, and memory card. Once that is done, remove the six (6) screws placed in the back housing.

    Figure 1​
    • Second step is to take away the antenna cover placed at the bottom part of the phone.
    • Then use safe pry tool and pry off the back housing and then take away the housing from the phone.

    Figure 2​
    • Next, remove the two (2) screws which is visible at the upper left and lower right portion once the back housing has been totally removed.
    • Take away the 3 cables with the use of safe pry opening tool. Take away the motherboard by lifting up using the safe pry tool.
    • Take away the flex ribbon cable of the touchscreen digitizer.

    Figure 3​
    • Heat the LCD screen to separate from the touch screen digitizer. Use heat gun or hair dryer to every corner.
    • Then warm the front of the screen assembly to warm the adhesive with the use of heat gun or hair dryer with an average setting for about 45 seconds, using quick movements around the outside edges.
    • Next pry between the touch screen digitizer and front frame using safe pry tool, and then cautiously release it from the housing. Reheat if needed.
    • Cautiously release the touch screen flex cable from the back of the screen assembly and feed it through the housing to completely get rid of the digitizer.
    • You can now change the touch screen digitizer or LCD.

    Simply change the damaged parts with the new ones and reverse the order to put your phone back together again.

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  2. moserandrea

    moserandrea Newbie

    Nice guide. Helps me to fix my phone. Thanks for sharing.
  3. repairsuniverse

    repairsuniverse Android Enthusiast
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    You're Very Welcome!
  4. repairsuniverse

    repairsuniverse Android Enthusiast
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    Additional help can be found by viewing our repair guide video for this device. The video is available on our website, and a link to the site can be found in our signature below.

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