Aug 2, 2010
Hi guys,
I am confused soo much between these two sets. . .I read the endgadget and techradar reviews . . .all of them are suggesting that x10 mini pro is better. . .But I am worried that they wont get 2.2 but only 2.1 that too in Q 4 this year and prices here are 15000 for x10 mini pro and 13500 for wildfire. . . .So you guys suggest me a better set of the two. . .
I would go for wildfire, the bigger screen and sense would do it for me.
although I havnt had the chance to have a go on the x10 mini
I haven't used the Wildfire (I have a Desire), but my wife has the X10 mini. It definitely is a neat little phone, but it is a very small screen for a smartphone, and certainly limited by the fact that it uses android 1.5. Sony Ericssons cameras are better than HTC's though. I would go for the wildfire.
I would really go for something with a 480x320 screen at least.

The galaxy spica is a little bigger, but it is also cheap and can be upgraded to 2.1.

However, between the two? I would go for the wildfire.
after some time sony will give the update to change os 1.6 to 2.2 and the plus point is it have a qwerty key pad if u have some problem to write with touch so u can easily type with qwerty keypad i am also used both the phone the camera quality of sony is brilliant and touch is same now the choice is yours thanku if any other question mail me on this
As they are very similar in price and specs (screen resolution etc) I would go for the smallest one (xp10 mini?). If price wasn't an issue I would get another model with larger screen/resolution (none of the above)
X10 mini pro is my first android phone, after Treo/BB/E71 Symbian. Love the form factor and the keyboard. Screen is a little small but readable. So far it's been working out comparing to my E71. Symbian is definitely more refined and more customizable, but I'd expect 2.2 to get better on the little things. 2 issues I have are that the alarm clock does not work when the phone is turned off, and that battery life is shorter comparing to E71 for the same usage (which makes issue #1 bigger). What works better are auto-sync with google mail, GPS and browser graphics.

Overall it's been a positive experience for the first week. I looked for light weight with qwerty KB android phone and this fits my needs.