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So I hated my holster for my droid incredible, because I had put a case on it and it was VERY bulky, well i saw HTCpedia was selling the snap on that was compatible with the Verizon wireless red snap on case, but only WITH the snap on case included. So I sent them a quick email to see if they would sell it separately, and low and behold!!!

HTC Droid Incredible Holste Only

Here are a copy of the emails. Pretty nice folks.

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Belt Holster
I was wondering if you sold the belt holster part only from this listing:

Carrying Holster with Snap-On Case Combo

I already own the red case from verizon and wanted a holster for my belt.

Thanks very much!



We will be offering just the holster part for sale sometimes later today. I will send a request to our product manager so he can make it available for sale.

I will be emailing you once it is ready for purchase.

Thank you
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Here is the link to the holster part that you are looking for.

HTC Droid Incredible Holste Only

Thank you
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I got the holster combo but ended up using the clear snap on case with it. Nice you can buy it separately now for those that would like it.


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I bought this holster/case combo from a local Verizon store and after having it for about 2 weeks I have to say I'm not too happy with it. At first it was great and I love the fact that the phone is stored in the holster with the screen facing in. The problem I'm having is that the phone does not fit into the holster as tightley as it did when I first bought it. I think, somehow, the holster is widening a little just from normal use.

.....Once again, I'm on the hunt for the perfect case.


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i don't use holsters but after a couple of weeks now i could use a pouch. any suggestions? the ones on HTCpedia are ok but don't exactly excite me.


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I am waiting on Seidio to offer a holster.... I used their holsters exclusively on the Blackberries I've owned and they were always first quality. Plus that holster looks like hell. IMO :)



We will be releasing some more accessories including cases and holsters in the coming weeks so stay tuned :D


Seideo is one of the first companies I've ever seen post in a forum like this. They posted in a battery thread as well and I have to say I love it. Any company that reads our forum and delivers on what its customers ask for is aces in my book.

Keep it up Seideo