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HTCSense.com...anyone got it ALL working yet?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mcnob, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. mcnob

    mcnob Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I can occasionally get my phone to ring remotely...only occasionally, if it feels like it.

    I selected the lock option once, it did nothing to the phone but the website claims ever since that my handset is locked.

    I daren't try the erase option just in case it DOES actually work.

    As for phone finder, it's enabled on the phone but has never done anything on the website.

    Anyone had any better luck?

  2. Pothers

    Pothers Well-Known Member

    All working ok for me and has been for over a week, I say all working but I haven't tried locking or erasing the phone yet. All my contacts and messages are there & the phone locator works ( in fact it's spot on ), not sure how this works as I have GPS turned off so must be via 3G.

    I was having the same problem as you, only being able to make the phone ring, so I deleted the HTCSense account from both the phone and the web site and setup a new one using my btinternet email rather than my gmail account ( dont think that has anything to do with it ). I setup first on the web site then on the phone when directed. After 24hrs everything worked:)
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  3. Krimian

    Krimian Member

    I had same problem but i just deleted my account on htcsense.com and from my phone and set it all up on my phone over wifi and worked straight away.

    Accepted email verification on my phones email app and hey presto everything now works! :D
  4. Declan325

    Declan325 Newbie

    I had the same problem where i locked my phone and nothing happened. It turns out you need to have syncing for htc sense turned on. As soon as i did that even though it was 48 hours after originally locking my phone it locked instantly. I haven't used the tracking feature yet but everything else works a treat with syncing on :)

    Edit: I just checked tracking and it works a treat. It's a little bit scary and i don't know if its a coincidence but its got it absolutely spot on. I'm sitting in my bedroom and if i zoom in fully the phone symbol is sitting on my bedroom. GPS is even turned off but i think it must turn it on to update when you login. Either way controlling husbands will love this feature LOL!
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  5. Eskimosie

    Eskimosie Lurker

    It's still not working for me. I've set it all up correctly, got it to sync and whatnot, but still nothing. When I go into the 'Help' pages it comes up with 'There is no content for current region.'

    None of my texts, contacts or location are there.
  6. kungura

    kungura Member

    working for me... though it doesn't show ALL of my texts just a select few, and the location is telling me i live in Ghana (even though i did), when i'm currently in London (and have been for the last 3 years).

    odd, but the basics work
  7. mcnob

    mcnob Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    When creating the account on the phone then, what format are you lot using for the phone number? I've tried with just the zero at the front but also with +44 instead of the zero and still no joy.
  8. dvhttn

    dvhttn Android Expert

    Here's a post I made just after I set this up:

    I did put +44 in front and it worked. Then I saw that the 'Phone connected' at the top of the screen was '+44+44etc' so looked at my details again and it obviously sticks a +44 on the front for you. I took off the extra '+44', saved changes and all was fine. Logged out then back in and it still only has the single '+44' there so I reckon that when entering your details to start with it 'assumes' you're just putting in your '07xxx etc' number and adds the country code. But if you edit it afterwards it doesn't check.

    So, if you enter a number and the phone doesn't ring then edit your details to have '+44phonenumber' (obviously changing +44 to your own country code if not in the UK ....). Oh, and no need for the leading 'zero' before the '7' if in the UK either ....

    Hope that helps.

  9. dvhttn

    dvhttn Android Expert

    Finally decided to email htc myself regarding the things that don't work for me (like everything apart from the ringback!). Got this in reply:

    Unfortunately the functionality of htcsense.com is not working correctly at the moment. Our technicians are working on making it up to date though and it should hopefully be running succesfully again soon.

    So, keep trying is the message I believe!

  10. mcnob

    mcnob Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So it would seem, cheers.

    Weird how it works for some but not for others. I've deleted and recreated several accounts now with differing combinations of registration and still get the same results no matter what.

    Phone lock still shows the phone locked on the website but makes no difference to the phone.

    Creating the account with +44 or "0" at the start of the number makes no difference. The account will change it how it sees fit (usually takes the 0 or +44 out completely.)

    Oh what's the use??? lol
  11. Lymbo

    Lymbo Newbie

    I deleted both accounts, set them both up again from scratch. No change. Only the `make my phone ring' function works.
    The dashboard is still telling me to activate `phone finder', which IS on and always has been.
    I wonder why this system is working for some people and not others. Maybe there is common setting that some of us aren't doing.
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  12. mcnob

    mcnob Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I've been through all the different sync options too but still no change.


    If anyone has got this all working flawlessly, can you give us some insight as to what you may or may not have done differently from the rest of us? Thanks.....:D
  13. anneatkins

    anneatkins Well-Known Member

    Mine rings my phone but does nothing else.

    Any suggestions?
  14. SpencerUk

    SpencerUk Android Enthusiast

    My works complete fine for about 2 weeks now :)
  15. anneatkins

    anneatkins Well-Known Member

    sync'd a few times and ALL of sense.com works flawlessly now.
  16. Pencheven

    Pencheven Newbie

    Mine has not and has never worked, after reading that HTC know there are problems with Sense.com at the moment, I'm going to wait out and see if it fixes itself before I go down the route of deleting accounts etc..
  17. anneatkins

    anneatkins Well-Known Member

    Pencheven: I haven't deleted anything just synced a few times and it was fine
  18. dvhttn

    dvhttn Android Expert

    Yep. I'm just going to wait and see. There's nothing on htcsense that I lose sleep over at the moment anyway. If you've never had it etc ....

  19. Lymbo

    Lymbo Newbie

    UPDATE: Since deleting and re-creating my sense account, after a couple of hours it works a little more than it did before.
    It's showing my contacts and missed calls, and I can make the phone ring. However, if i ever lose my phone and need to track it down, it wants to send me to the South Atlantic ocean, just off the coast of Nigeria.
    (I live in london)
  20. irishbogman

    irishbogman Newbie

    After deleting and setting up a new HTC Sense account mine rings the phone which it never did before, phone location works out pretty well too, being anywhere from 20m out to pretty well spot on
  21. Declan325

    Declan325 Newbie

    I'm surprised mine works so well, i'm in Australia and the phone hasn't even come out here yet. The Ring is instant, locking has about a 1-2 second delay. Tracking works flawlessly even when inside :S no idea how it works so well but its awesome.
  22. theoneana

    theoneana Lurker

    Mine works too, I even send texts from it. It's flawless and the location thing is scarily accurate
  23. pandj

    pandj Newbie

    mine works now , after day two it showed me that my phone was in the atlantic ocean. I called HTC they fixed it and it work great now
  24. Menddles

    Menddles Guest

    Mine seems to work fine but having some problems with it updating my phone. After setting up my account with htcsense I started deleting some of my contacts but they come back when the phone syncs. Is there a way of having the phone update the the site rather than the site updating my phone? I'd rather not go through the site and delete all the people I don't want because, tbh, the site is really REALLY slow.
  25. Pencheven

    Pencheven Newbie

    Thanks, I do keep continually syncing it, but just checked again today and still nothing.. the wait continues..

    My phone number starts 077, so with the +44 route its +4477 correct? (Only replace the zero and not the extra 7 right?)

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