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HTCSense.com...anyone got it ALL working yet?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mcnob, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. saj_2001ind

    saj_2001ind Android Expert

    ring, lock finder works for me also, what about the other menu at top of page ? like messages, people etc ? do u see those ?


  2. saj_2001ind

    saj_2001ind Android Expert

    same here, anyone see tabs like messages, people etc ?
  3. Mikelarry85

    Mikelarry85 Newbie

    Dont know if this fixes yours but i registered with my gmail account and i can log. none of the features work.......... im done with this

    Edit: just tried now and the ring feature works
  4. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate!
    VIP Member

    Nah, but thanks anyway mate. I've tried using my gmail account and its googlemail equivalent but still no joy.

    I can't understand why 3rd Party apps like Lookout etc work nearly every time, yet one of the features HTC sold the phone with is so bloody unreliable! It's not a killer, but I just wish HTC would pull their finger out fixing or be a bit more forthcoming with an ETA.
  5. PopTarantula

    PopTarantula Newbie

    Already commented on double post by sonesh... & it's just the Dashboard. 4 TABS still MIA! so NOT working.. just partial... again! :(

    As for ITAlfie.. oh my word! Perhaps you should have read through the thread first.

    1. You would see that the majority of members here have already done every single thing you write about WITHOUT any helpful communication or assistance from the goblins at HTC whatsoever.
    2. The number prefix is actually +44 (and then, ONLY if you are in the UK..) so maybe you should say +(country code) replaces the leading 0 ..because other countries have different code.
    3. Yes... some ppl have a 2 year contract & therefore deserve 2 years of NONsense.com access... surely!!!!!!!!!
    4. As for waiting 1 month for help... personally, I have been contacting them since December, & others much longer.. & as yet have had no 'personal' help from them, just the standard BS crappola 'we're working on it / overloaded server' replies (well documented throughout the thread you really ought to have read)
    5. You make no mention of the other 4 TABS so can I presume you ONLY have Dashboard too... ??? ( see ubiquist's post back HERE )
    In summary.. nothing new.
    NONsense is still fcuked.
    HTC CustSupp/TechSupp really don't give a damn.
    I'm so fed up, I'm gonna set about rooting.. maybe gingerbread from CoreDroid will ease my mind ;)
  6. sonesh

    sonesh Android Enthusiast

    These have always worked for me (though sending messages took several hours before), so I cant comment. Its just location and locking that I was missing.

    I've just tested people/messaging again, and its all up to date and I can send text messages, it just takes a while, minutes instead of hours now (again, having to wait for the phone to have data connection, sending the message to the phone, so the phone can send it out).

    As far as I can tell, as long as you can login, all features are working perfectly.

    All I can recommend is to ensure HTC Sense is set to push updates, and not on a schedule.
  7. Mikelarry85

    Mikelarry85 Newbie

    People/ messaging??? i dont get those tab. ive only got location on mine. could you post a print screen of what your looks like when you log in thanks in advance
  8. sonesh

    sonesh Android Enthusiast

    1st screen is the initial login screen
    2nd Screen is the messaging tab with up to date conversations, each of which can be expanded
    3rd Screen is the locations tab with my correct approximate (I'm currently indoors) location


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  9. Mikelarry85

    Mikelarry85 Newbie

    Thanks for that sonesh. i need to speak to them as i get none of those screens i only get the dashboard for locating my phone.
  10. jsmithy1

    jsmithy1 Newbie

    I got my first HTC phone recently and tried a few days ago to start using HTCSense.com. It doesn't work (as I'm sure most of you know), which is how I looked this thread up! Glad it's not just me. Now I see how bad the issue is.

    The worrying thing is that I see said thread was started way back in December. I contacted HTC Europe customer services and even more worrying had an exchange with them, the gist of which was "sorry, we're working on it and don't know when it will be fully working". It's now April, so over six months has passed and they can't get it fixed :mad:

    HTC needs to sort this out - as I told them!
  11. jaytee11

    jaytee11 Lurker

    Hi guys, yep got the same problem with my new Desire Z (Vodafone). Just says cant connect to htc sense servers. Been like this for several weeks and I dont really know how to sort it. I reackon it never fully worked when it was announced, in the same way an operating system is released full of bugs cause the manufacturers just want it out in the public domain so they can start raking the cash in. :mad: :thinking: :mad:
  12. MrNike

    MrNike Newbie

    Well guys I have been on and off here checking for comments and responses but it seems very quiet of late which I put down to us all being disappointed and dispondent with the whole HTCsense NONsense.
    After this last maintenance or whatever they did it is still the same. I was even hoping after the roll out of Gingerbread 2.3.3 things might have changed but alas no.

    6 months since I purchased the phone...damn.
  13. sonesh

    sonesh Android Enthusiast

    No, I can confirm its all still working for me
  14. MrNike

    MrNike Newbie

    What phone do you own and how long have you had it? Has HTCsense always worked and are you seeing the full dashboard with all features and functions?
  15. sonesh

    sonesh Android Enthusiast

    If you have a look at my other posts on this page (#169, 181 and 183) it explains it all.

    I've had the phone since November, and only some features worked, but now all is working
  16. MrNike

    MrNike Newbie

    Ahh yes, sorry Sonesh I just remembered your previous posts.

    How long was it that you only had a few features working until you had all working? Did you go thru to HTC support and what were their response/help etc?

    Had my phone from January and can't help wondering if I had purchased sametime as you I would now have full HTCsense.

    Wonder if anyone after January has the same as me 6 months in.
  17. sonesh

    sonesh Android Enthusiast

    It only all started working about a month or two ago. Never contacted HTC, however I had to do a factory reset in January which screwed it all up, and then in February or March, I re-registered HTC Sense on my phone and everything was working.
  18. MrNike

    MrNike Newbie

    I had already tried a factory reset last month with no change and have deleted and created new account several times. Infact I failed to mention I have a new DHD which is a replacement as my old one developed a hardware fault but excitement turned to zero when tried HTCsense.

    Did support tell you to do a factory reset?

    How did you go about backing up and restoring?

    Are you running under Gingerbread 2.3.3 ?
  19. anandv76

    anandv76 Well-Known Member

    it used to work for me, and then all i get now is "Your device is performing its initial sync with the service. This can sometimes take several hours, depending on how many contacts you have."
  20. sonesh

    sonesh Android Enthusiast

    I was plagued with all sorts of issues, like calls being dropped, message tone when delivery reports arrived, etc... so thats why I did the factory reset. No one recommended it to me.

    I did a basic backup by syncing contacts and calendar with my computer, backed up sms using SMS Backup, and then did the reset.

    A few hours later my contacts started reappearing automatically, Market started listing every app I've ever installed in 'My Apps' and I barely needed to do anything else.

    A few months later, I went to HTCSense.com and after registering, the website said "Your device is performing its initial sync with the service". This didnt change so I removed HTCSense from the phone and re-registered and probably 2-3 hours later it all worked perfectly.
  21. Inmatxu

    Inmatxu Newbie

    hi guys, this is going on for a few months, where are we now?

    I am running Gingerbread and tried HTCsense with Firefox & Chrome but I can only see the dashboard, Even with Frogo I never saw anything else!

    I can locate the phone and ring it but only sometimes, other times does not work.

    do we have any news from HTC? does it fully work for you guys up there?

    PD In addition I have a question: how does HTC sense locate the phone? every time i do a Refresh Location on the dashboard I can see the GPS kicks in on my phone but if the phone is inside the house will not be able to get a lock would it? so how is it going to find it? or maybe just try GPS and then the data connection? Mind you, I took the phone to the balcony and it did locate it very quickly buy when inside the house not always work!
  22. NutterzUK

    NutterzUK Newbie

    Android 2.3.3 on my HTC Desire Z now for a week or so... still, only the one dashboard tab, which doesn't actually always even call my phone.

  23. rhyminholls26

    rhyminholls26 Lurker

    I've been trying to log onto the site since last night. I was able to register, and was barely able to confirm my account, but now the login screen just continues to load. What's going on?
  24. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate!
    VIP Member

    HTCsense.com has been a failure since the outset unfortunately. I've never had it working and I've only ever heard complaints about it. HTC have stopped using it as a selling point because it just doesn't work.

    If you're looking for some of the features it offers (phone finder, remote wipe etc), I recommend going for something like Lookout as it's virtually flawless.
  25. HecklerUK

    HecklerUK Member

    I setup my account on my DHD and decided to check if it works.

    I logged in and it tells me my phone doesn't have the device finder enabled under settings/location/device finder.

    I checked and there is a phone finder setting that's enabled, gps was enabled, wireless enabled and integrate google navigation was enabled.

    I've checked and GN has my location spot on, but the htcsense site is still saying it's disabled.

    So I can't do anything with my phone at all... and what's the point of having such a service if it can be so easily disabled.

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